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Late News

The Mortimer Forest Hill Race on 14/12/2008

Mich     1:33:35
Ian       1:39:16


Saturday 27th December - Severn AC's Christmas Four - Pilot Inn

Gloucester's Christmas Saturday Four Mile race kicked-off Tewkesbury AC's 2009 Club championship.

Despite the day being blessed with gorgeous sunshine, there was a low turn-out from the club with just five runners toeing the start line.
Nevertheless, spirts were high.

As equally welcome as the warming sun was the surprise appearance of Pete Foster. Making his return to racing after nearly two years, Club stalwart Foster was eager to complete the course comfortably after recovering from a knee injury.

Over sixty runners started out on the 'out and back' country lane course which featured a moderately steep hill just before the halfway point.

The club's new captain, Jon Mansfield, lead the club home finishing inside the top ten.

Mungo Park ran in next after a well-planned run. Park's on target to repeat his 2008 successes with this good run which placed him just outside the top V50 position.

On his local training route, Stuart Buchan held-off strong running Rob Jordan who's ever present during the festive events.

Foster completed the Tewkesbury contingent as he floated over the finish line with ease.

As always the club was supported by a handful of on-lookers who had made to trip to add some extra cheer.

Jon Mansfield - 23.33
Mungo Park - 26.28
Stuart Buchan - 27.04
Rob Jordan - 28.26
Pete Foster - 31.46


Winstons Wish Boxing Day 4 miles.

Three runners from Tewkesbury AC joined the masses at Prestbury Park Race Course for the Winstons Wish Challenge.

Some strong runners taking part including Tewkesbury's Jon Rawlings who timed 23.21 minutes to place 10th.

Carol Cowley came in 59th with 29.14 and Steve Wiggall just behind in 71st position timing 30.29.



For those that preferred to eat drink and be merry, there were 3 club runners that decided to build up an apetite before indulging in the festive food by racing in the Christmas day's races.

Although only 5 runners competed in the 180m sprint up Kenilworth Avenue, there was a clean sweep for the club. Rob starting from scratch(the full 180m) had the hard job of catching Debbie(150m), and Sally(130m).
Debbie just pipped Sally on the line to claim first place, while Rob trailed home back in 3rd.
1st Debbie Lee
2nd Sally Jordan
3rd Rob Jordan

In the earlier 3 mile handicap race, there were more runners in the field with Sally being the first of the club runners to set off, with Debbie thge 2nd and Rob having to chase them both down. Debbie continued her good form by being the first of the trio to cross the finish line, followed by Rob and then Sally.

Debbie Lee  22mins
Rob Jordan  23mins

Sally Jordan 27mins


Gloucestershire XC League Fixture No.3 - 13th December 2008 (Next one Leamington, February 2009)

A squad of 13 runners from the club tackled the very muddy and waterlogged course at Plock Court.
The conditions were that bad, Brad was forced into buying a pair of running shoes with spikes. Was it £20 well spent, only he can answer that. Before the race they were nice and white and shiny, afterwards well I’ll let Brad tell you what state they were in.
As usual the ladies went first through the mud, making it worse for us men later, and Michelle our leading lady didn’t complain as much this time, so I can only suggest she enjoys these conditions. Michelle was our first lady to cross the line in 12 place, with a healthy 90 seconds lead over Carol in 34th. Next to finish for the club was Debbie who was followed by Sally to complete the ladies team.
With conditions made worse by all the previous races it was now time for the men to tackle the course, and out of the 9 men representing the club Jon Rawlings was our first man home in 27th place. Brad in his new shoes, came next in 39, and there was a big gap before the next one crossed the line, with Dan just elbowing out Ian for 62nd place. The next two finishing were Nigel and Tim, who was making his cross country debut, and what conditions to do so. Another close run between Paul and Leigh saw Paul finish ahead of the tri-athlete specialist (I’ll accept payment later for that description). The last of the men to finish was Rob, who if you see the photographs really did enjoy it, honestly!!


12. Michelle Laws  21:18
34. Carol Cowley   22:50
38. Debbie Lee      23:26
70. Sally Jordan    29:30

76 ladies completed the race. The Ladies team came 7th out of 18, and in the vet category finished 4th out of 11.

27. Jon Rawlings     28:28
39. Bradley Crouch 29:21
62: Daniel Webb     31:18
63. Ian Hughes       31:19
74. Nigel Tillott       32:14
80. Tim Shattock    32:36
100. Paul Mason     34:43
102. Leigh Bichard  34:55
108. Rob Jordan      35:50

There were 130 finishers, with the men’s team in 6th out of 13, and in the vet category 6th out of 15.
The next cross country league race is in February, so you have time to enjoy the festivities before my emails begin again, and hopefully Dan will have recovered from his operation in time to run at Leamington Spa.


Gower Coastal Marathon

The regular ‘long distance’ Tewkesbury team of Angie Sadler, Michelle Laws, Phillip Howells and Ian Hughes competed in the Endurance Life Gower Coastal marathon on the first December weekend and came away with their now usual batch of prizes. The first time holding of this event took-in a complete mix of off-road terrain, including steep hills, sand dunes, a couple of miles of sandy beach, coastal path, woods, fields and a quite a lot of deep, oozy mud. Conditions weather wise were cold, but otherwise superb sunny and clear skies with which to enjoy the spectacular scenery and views, whilst underfoot the mud was often just that right consistency on the paths to make it either very slippy or constituted of the really lovely ‘gloopy’ type that tries to hang on to your shoes as your body keeps trying to propel itself forward; just the sort of conditions beloved by the four regular off-road runners.

Times were actually pretty quick (there is more than a suspicion that the course was a bit short of the 26.2 marathon miles – although to be fair, distances are very hard to judge accurately on such rugged countryside courses). Angie and Mich came in together in a time of 4-01 for equal 1st/2nd ladies and in impressive 11th and 12th positions overall. Ian and Phillip also came in very close together, with Ian reversing the positions of the Beachy Head marathon a few weeks ago to record 4-40 for 35th place and Phillip in 4-44 for 38th position and the first O60 prize. This was well earned after several ‘added interest’ incidents, including a couple of falls - one over an icy style after just a few miles when the edge of the wooden step made a sharp indent on a delicate part of the buttock area of the anatomy and another just a few miles later when he attempted a reverse somersault by slipping when going uphill to then recover by acrobatically spinning around so he simply slide down the hill on his side for some 10 feet or so like a gliding swimmer to plaster himself from head to foot in a lot of wet and cold mud, which at least made for some good photography for the enthusiasts around the course. It also included a mile or so off course when bright sun in the face meant some 10 runners missed a marker and were watched by a marshall take a totally wrong turn, only realising they must of gone wrong when the path petered out into a steep cliff side that even the sheep would have struggled to maintain a grip upon!

Cornish Marathon

A couple of weeks earlier the veteran Howells also competed in the equally scenic and tough Cornish marathon (on-road this time), which offers the incentive of a Cornish pasty (a delicacy much coveted by this particular runner!) at the finish. It was a grey, cold and overcast day that more than threatened rain, with misty views to be had on the climb up to, and descent down from Bodmin Moor, with several steep, long hills in the first few and last few miles to sap the strength. Howells ran well and finished strongly to record his second best time of the year in 3-41 exactly, to earn 63rd place and 3rd vet O60.


County Awards - 19th November

Yesterday evening the County Awards took place at the Indoor Tennis Centre, Plock Court, Gloucester.

Four of TAC members were awarded for their efforts and therefore in the medals. These were  

Cathy Dudfield     1st V35
Debbie Lee         2nd V35
Carol Cowley       1st V55
Mike Ward           1st V70

Club Chairman Mick Morris collected the Special Achievment Award in recognition of many years of service to athletics and the County in particular.

Well done to all


Gloucestershire XC League Fixture No.2 - 15th November 2008 (Next one Plock Court, Gloucester - 13th December 2008)

We had 14 runners at the second cross country league fixture at Blackbridge, Gloucester.
The six women tackled the muddy course first and despite not having our usual leading lady in attendance they put on a good show. Taking the mantle of being the fastest club runner our pocket rocket Michelle, who found herself isolated and had nobody to work off, as she came home in 28 minutes.
Not far behind her was the senior lady of the squad, Carol Cowley, who stayed in front of Debbie who ran better than she’d expected and just lost one place on the sprint to the line. Coming home in fourth place for the team was the much improved Tracie, who reversed the result at Bourton by finishing ahead of Nikki. The final lady to finish and having her first run , like Tracie and Nikki, around this course was the Pudsey bandana wearing Sally.
Among the 175 strong  field, there were 8 men from the club, with Jon Mansfield the first of the Tewkesbury runners to finish in 26th position. The rest of the team were well spread out through the field with Jon Rawlings next home and just under 3 minutes behind was Dan, who ended up having the smallest gap between the club runners of 26 seconds before Nigel also finished.
Ian was anticipating another lap but must have been pleased not to as he crossed the line in 107th place, and Leigh having swam in the morning was a further 2 minutes 27 seconds behind to be the sixth and final team member to score points towards the club’s total. Making his debut at cross country, Paul finished in 144th place ten places ahead of Rob, who was the last of the squad to complete the course, having checked that all the others were safely home!!


13th Michelle Laws  28:00,
46th Carol Cowley   30:55
50th Debbie Lee      31:33
84th Tracie Gaston 37:16
87th Nikki Webb     37:55
88th Sally Jordan    38:18

The A team( Michelle,Carol,Debbie) were 11th out of 39, while the B team (Tracie,Nikki,Sally) finished in 38th place.
In the ladies vet category the ladies were 3rd out of 15

26th Jon Mansfield 34:49
55th Jon Rawlings  36:46
95th Dan Webb     39:36
100th Nigel Tillott   39:50
107th Ian Hughes     40:32
134th Leigh Bichard 42:59
144th Paul Mason   44:24
154th Rob Jordan   45:44

The team finished 13th out of 19 and 8th out of 19 in the vet category.



Three of Tewkesbury’s regular marathon runners, Angie Sadler, Michelle Laws and Ian Hughes ventured down to the Jurassic Coastline in Dorset on Saturday 8th November to take part in what was an extremely taxing but enjoyable marathon race.

As we set off at 5.00am we all wondered what the elements would throw at us, we did not have to wait long to find out, the torrential rain kept us company for most of the 3 hour journey but as we arrived the sky’s brightened, the rain disappeared and the sun came out – phew!!

By 09.00am we were all apprehensively at the start line having listened to the race briefing warning us of the treacherous conditions underfoot we were about to encounter.  The race had begun and off we went amongst 114 other runners, heads down and not much talking apart from a few nervous comments.  As we hit the first downhill it soon hit home just how hard this run was going to be as we tried to keep our footing, sliding and slipping into brambles and gorse and this was just the beginning.  We ran through ploughed fields, along narrow muddy and rocky coastal paths and encountered almost vertical climbs grasping for anything to stop you from sliding back down. 

For all the hardship the scenery was spectacular, from rugged coastline and refreshing sea spray to tranquil woodlands and beautiful countryside.  The girls stormed home to take 1st and 2nd lady positions – Angie Sadler in 4.06 and Michelle Laws in 4.10.  Ian Hughes followed in a respectable 4.41.

Our thanks go out to Adrian who chauffeured us there and back and as per usual did a marvellous job of supporting us along the route and capturing the day’s events. 

These events are a tough but rewarding challenge along some of the UK’s outstanding coastlines.  Each has a 10k, ½ marathon and marathon to choose from and there are 6 more left in the series (www.endurancelife.com).  It would be a brilliant sporting and social day out for more Tewkesbury runners – hopefully we’ll see more of you there…

Angie Sadler               4:06 1st Lady (13th Overall)
Michelle Laws             4:10 2nd Lady (16th Overall)
Ian Hughes                 4:41 34th


Tewkesbury Guy Fawkes 5 mile - November 2nd 2008

Tewkesbury AC's GF5 race was a truly successful event for 2008.  The day itself was a race organizers dream as every piece of the jigsaw fitted perfectly.  The rain stopped in time and with the exception of a few puddles, the stage was set.
Race organizer Peter Foster pulled out all the stops this year to ensure the right people were in the right place at the right time.  Every detail was covered from the famous GF5 cake stall complimented by Orchard Catering's hot food, right down to the finishing line team which featured dual timing and crowd control.

With the 2007 race champions, Andy Prophett and Catherine Dugdale sadly not being able to compete, the favourites on the day were former GF5 champion Mike Cadman and Great Britain team distance runner, Wendy Nicholls.  With the later in such outstanding form, Shona Crombie-Hicks ladies course record was surely under threat.

The gun went off at 11am and 50 year old veteran Cadman took no prisoners with a commanding race crossing the finish line in under 26 minutes.  His nearest challengers were two runners who just the week before ran life-time bests in the Stroud 1/2m.  Bourton's Alistair Lockley taking second and young Will Ferguson completing the podium.  The top ten was packed with Gloucestershire's finest.  Most noticeably, Severn AC's Dave Lander who's finally hit good form, Gloucestershire top V50, David Wright and local middle-distance track runner James Miller.
Further down the Men's field, Tewkesbury's Mungo Park took the top V55 spot, in doing so, breaking the clubs 5 mile record.  Cirencester's Tony Shelbourn was first V60 as Martin Ford took the V65 category.  Tewkesbury's Mike Ward, the new county champion was the top V70 while 80 year old Allen Watts was unchallenged as the most senior runner.

The ladies race was equally as exciting.  Favourite Nicholls destroyed the course record spectacularly by smashing over a minute from it to time 27 minutes 35 seconds.  This not only giving her 5th overall but the Cirencester star bagged a cash bonus for breaking the record.  Thanks to our race sponsor In-Parallel Recruitment of Tewkesbury for that prize.
With Bourton's rapidly rising junior lady Stephanie Lane expected to be Nicholl's closest challenge, there was a shock in store as a new talent emerged.  Unattached runner, Claire Holme came from nowhere to also break the course record and take the runner's-up spot.  Holme first caught the eye while warming-up before hand and turned several heads as she floated along with the upmost ease. Her finish time of 28.34 mins gave her 14th overall and a fine advantage over Lane who finished a comfortable third.
Further down the women's field there were several stand-out performances; CLC Striders Nina Oates, Evesham's Tara Cooper, Tewkesbury's Club Captain Cathy Dudfield all rose to the occasion.  Leading V40 was Michelle Kerfoot from Bitton Road Runners.  Worcester AC's Sandra Lane claimed the number one V45 title while Alison Lane took another prize for Bourton with an outstanding 33.30 minutes for the V50 crown.  Home club star Carol Cowley was a success in the V55 as June Johnson travelled down from Leamington to capture the V60.  Finally, Virginia Pawlyn was supreme in the V65 category.

328 runners crossed the finish to enjoy the post-race festivities based at Tewkesbury School.


The Stroud Half-Marathon - October 26th 2008

The popular Stroud Half-Marathon is always a major event on the Tewkesbury AC calendar.  This years race was also the final fixture in the club's race championship and this added to the competiveness.  The race day itself was wet.  However, for most of the race, the rain held off.  Fifteen runners were on the start line for Tewkesbury, including first-timer Leigh Bichard and in-form Dan Webb.

It was Webb who grabbed the headlines with a storming run which saw him smash his target of sub 90 minutes. Taking out his nearest in-club rivals early on, he crossed the finish line with a shocking personal best time of 1hr 27 minutes.  Former Rugby journey-man Bichard had a perfectly planned race.  He ran strongly to record his desired time within a group of eight Tewkesbury runners who all crossed the line within ten minutes of each other.
Leading the 'eight group' was Cathy Dudfield who has found her best form just at the right time as she was pleased to finish within seconds of her PB for the 13.1 mile distance. Dudfield was comfortably ahead of her main club rivals as Carol Cowley and Debbie Lee followed minutes later.
Roy Northcott ran a life-time best with a tremendous 1hr 43 mins while new club member, Tim Shattock showed his talent with a swift 1hr 26 mins effort.
Marathon bound Paul Mason, Ali Parker and Jon Mansfield made the most of their training day with quality runs in the build-up to Luton and Barbados Marathons respectively.
Nigel Tillott was on Webb's tail and hung on to stop the cloak just 41 seconds off the pace.
Steve Wiggall and Anne Robinson made welcome appearances as their respective fitness improves. Mike Ward claimed a hard fought 4th place in the famously competitive Stroud field. While Stuart Dudfield, returning to road running after some fine multi-sport performances, had a satisfying 90 minute return.

  • 43rd Jon Mansfield 1 hour 20 mins 35 seconds
  • 129th Tim Shattock 1hr 26.19
  • 141st Dan Webb 1hr 27.34
  • 159th Nigel Tillott 1hr 28.15
  • 211th Stuart Dudfield 1hr 30.19
  • 441st Cathy Dudfield 1hr 39.15
  • 468th Leigh Bichard 1hr 40.14
  • 508th Carol Cowley 1hr 41.16
  • 526th Paul Mason 1hr 41.27
  • 565th Debbie Lee 1hr 43.09
  • 574th Roy Northcott 1hr 43.24
  • 589th Alistair Parker 1hr 43.54
  • 753rd Steve Wiggall 1hr 48.29
  • 1,115th Mike Ward 1hr 58.35
  • 1,165th Anne Robinson 2hr 00.35


Beachy Head Marathon & Crawley Track Marathon

Four of Tewkesbury AC’s long distance runners travelled down to the south coast on the last weekend in October to experience for themselves the reputation of the famous Beachy Head marathon. No ordinary race this; it is entirely off-road and follows a superb, tough and hilly, but gloriously scenic route over the South Downs, with stunning views over the surrounding countryside and of the sea, including the spectacular steep white cliffs for which the area is famed. Formerly called the Seven Sisters marathon, runners who not aware of what the Seven Sisters were had a big shock coming. After some 19 miles of hard running up and down the Downs, up and down steep and beautiful Autumn tinged lanes with varying conditions ranging from smooth paths to leafy lined, but rocky and slippery chalked surfaces, the real tough stuff begins with the Seven Sisters. Anyone who already given their all thinking it a mere 7 miles to the finish, came to an almost staggering halt as these seven very steep and rolling climbs, like massive sea breakers, suddenly presented themselves rolling away into the distance as daunting obstacles to be surmounted before the steep and last, but mercifully downhill, half mile dash to the finish.

Like the experienced runners they are, the Tewkesbury contingent of Angie Sadler, Michelle Laws, Ian Hughes and Phillip Howells all acquitted themselves very well. Angie and Mich came in together in 3-46, for 40th and 41st places respectively and equal 2nd ladies in the race. Not too far behind came Phillip in 4-12 for 154th place, closely followed by Ian with 4-14 and 163rd place – this from a field of some 2,000 ‘runners, joggers and walkers’ as the organisers billed the event. All agreed this is one of the most scenic marathons we have ever run, with very satisfying performances on what was also a near perfect day, with lots of sun, but a quite strong blustery wind in parts.

Not satisfied with resting on these laurels, Angie and Phillip went on to run the Crawley Track marathon the following day. It would be difficult to conjure up a more striking contrast, since this event was held at the K2 Centre and involved completing 105 and half laps of a completely flat track, a surface which poses its own challenges over this sort of distance. The field was also a much more compact one of just 41 runners, ranging from a few very good marathoners, a fair selection of sub-4 hour runners, a few first timers and a group of old-hands, many of whom had well over 100 marathons under their shoes and still going strong despite in some cases being well over 70 years of age. In fact, in the changing rooms after the event, Phillip was in discussion with half a dozen fellow finishers who totted up well over 1,000 marathons completed between them (in his case, one of the fewest at just 73 to date). It made the 61-year ‘veteran’ old feel like a young novice to be a part of this almost surreal conversation!

Both Angie and Phillip ran remarkably strongly given the tired legs from the previous day. Angie, as usual, was always at the head of the action, finishing in a fine 4th place overall in the race and of course a dominant first lady in a time of 3-17. Phillip also had his best marathon run for nearly 2 years, finishing in a totally unexpected and rewarding time of 3-39 for 7th place overall. Mich and Ian came to give much appreciated support which helped to spur the two runners on to do their best! Anyone who has not run a long distance track race will no doubt think it quite a perverse think to do (and they are probably right – going round and round in circles like that certainly can have weird effects), but the compensations are to be found in a much different and more friendly, intimate racing atmosphere, with a great camaraderie between runners and the nearly as many lap recorders needed to ensure the runners complete the correct distance and get accurate times, to make it a unique experience that is certainly worth trying. Anyone up for a 12 hour track race in 2009?


Goodrich Hill Race

A report from last Sundays race - 4 from our club ran-

Angie 51.01  (2nd lady & 13th overall)

Miche  53.48  (3rd lady)

Ian Hughes  55.24

Debbie Lee  63.39

This used to be known as a 'Fell' -Race'!  - 6.5mile
47 people entered  -  It was certainly a tester of a course!!


Swindon 1/2 Marathon

Tewkesbury AC's Nick Matthews ran a course best in the Swindon 1/2 Marathon. On his fourth attempt he crossed the finish line in 1hr 52 mins. Not his best time for the Half distance but Swindon is a infamously undulating 13.1 miles.


Michelle Laws and Ian Hughes both travelled to the Lake District to take on the Langdale Marathon. In many people's opinion the toughest 26.2 miles in Great Britain. In was no surprise to see one of the club's toughest runners, Laws, power through to claim the runners-up spot in the women's field. Laws raced here in 2007 and her 2008 performance was an astonishing 20 minutes swifter to record 3hr 45 mins. Hughes, who had an eventful race in Langdale last year, stayed on course to cross the finish line in 4hr 15 mins.

Over a much leveler terrain in the JW Ultra, a beautiful 30 mile canal path run, Laws again claimed a runners-up spot. Second for the second time in the month, talented Laws timed 4hrs 12 minutes. A great time however, she found the last six miles extremely tough. Ian Hughes started the race too. Setting off from Stratford-upon-Avon, Hughes found his legs seizing after 20 miles and uncharacteristically had to withdraw.

In the Leicester Marathon, Jon Mansfield learnt valuable race experience as he was reduced to walking after 18 miles. Nevertheless, local encouragement saw him stumble over the finish line in 3hr 10 mins.


Weymouth 10 - 18th October 2008

Four members of the club travelled to the coast to run in the Weymouth 10 mile race.
On race day the weather was bright sunny and warm, with a slight breeze into the runners as they made their way back along the Esplanade to the finish.
Brad, the fastest of the quartet, worked his way through the small field of 124 to finish in a respectable 22nd place.
The closest battle was between Carol and Rob, with Carol having the early advantage until Rob caught her at the 1 mile marker. He maintained the lead over her up to the half way stage when Carol’s superior stamina took her passed her tiring club colleague. This lead was never threatened as Carol headed back to the finish with almost a 2 minute advantage to cross the line in 46th place overall, 6th lady and winner of the V50 ladies category. For her efforts Carol received a bottle of wine at the after race presentation.
Completing the foursome was Sally, who had her typical sprint to the line, which according to the race commentator, ”was the finish of the race”.
After recovering from the race in their own ways, the group who were also accompanied to the event by Richard( Carol’s husband) and Gina(Brad’s partner), met up later in the day to round off the trip with a few drinks and a curry.


22ND  Bradley Crouch 69:15
46TH  Carol Cowley     77:54
54TH  Rob Jordan        79:42
108TH Sally Jordan     97:17


Forest of Dean Duathlon.

Tewkesbury AC had five representatives in the 4th annual Forest Duathlon. Based in Coleford, the race included a demanding 15km cycle course.
For the second time this season, Duathlon new-comers Debbie Lee and Cathy Dudfield were set to race head to head in what was expected to be a tight contest. As racing progressed it was clear to see Dudfield was in top form as she flew through the 5km run, 15km cycle and final 5km run with an ever-increasing gap over her club mate. Lee had one or two mishaps which cost her valuable time but she will no doubt enter her next event even more determined.
Three Tewkesbury men had mixed fortunes. Dan Webb entered the event at the 'eleventh hour' and as a complete novice. Webb came through the race successfully and if anything got stronger as the raced progressed, epitomized by a swift final 5km run.
Stuart Dudfield had a perfect race. Dudfield, who competed here in 2007, showed confidence and ability as he finished inside to top twenty and again, beating several more experienced Duathletes and Triathletes.
Jon Mansfield bruised his foot during the first 5km run section and effected the remainder of his race. Nevertheless, he claimed 4th place and 1st place veterans title.

4th Jon Mansfield 17.70 - 28.53 - 18.44 = 1.05.19
17th Stuart Dudfield 19.16 - 33.35 - 19.33 = 1.12.26
23rd Danny Webb  20.13 - 34.01 - 19.40 = 1.13.56
38th Cathy Dudfield 21.05 - 37.43 - 21.31 = 1.20.22
42nd Debbie Lee  21.50 - 38.20 - 22.26 = 1.22.46


Gloucestershire XC League - 11th October 2008

The first of the Gloucestershire XC league took place at the Cotswold Farm Park at Guiting Power.
For those among the 18 strong squad from the club who thought they’d have a gentle amble through the Cotswold countryside they were in for a big shock. This may have been even more daunting for the ladies making their debut at cross country.

Talking about the ladies it was they who had the privilege of tackling this new course first. In a large field there were seven ladies that accepted the invitation to represent the club with four of them making their first appearance at xc.

With 94 finishers, Angie and Michelle made light work of the course with both of them finishing in the top 20, and the third member to count was Carol who came home in 46th place.
The rest of the squad mad up from Nikki(81), Tracie(85), Kat(93), and Elly(94), all made it safely back and with some good times for their first attempt at cross country.
In the men’s race where the club had 11 runners, there was mixed fortunes as they negotiated the huge hill and hurdles on the 3 lap race.

Leading runner from the club was Jon Mansfield who finished in 19th place, four places ahead of Nick Slim in only his second xc. There was a gap of 6 minutes before Dan finished in 79th place to be the third runner to score, and he was quickly followed by Mungo in 98th spot making his debut.

Then there was a cluster of finishers from the club with 1 minute separating four of the team, with Chris having mastered the art of counting the correct amount of laps the first of the quartet to cross the line. Adrian was next to finish and the 6th member to score and allow the team to qualify for a position, followed within 16 seconds by Leigh. Ian having suffered stomach cramps during the race still managed to finish, coming home in 116th.

The last two members to finish were Phil, who passed Rob who improved as the race went on and passed Rob with just under one lap to go. He maintained the lead coming in ahead of Rob by over 2 minutes.

Jon Rawlings pulled out after suffering from blisters in an attempt to keep himself fit for an important race coming up.
Also in attendance were Debbie Lee and club photographer Adrian. Debbie despite the temptation to run decided wisely to save her energy for the following days duathlon. The support was much appreciated though. With his camera clicking around the course Adrian should have some interesting pictures, but hopefully none of me.

16 Angie Sadler     29:15,
20 Michelle Laws  29.54
46 Carol Cowley    33.02
81 Nikki Webb      41 .39
85 Tracie Gaston  42.59
93 Kat Stephens   50.49
94 Elly Smith        50.49

The ladies team scored 82pts, finished 6th and in vet ladies category they came 2nd.

16 Jon Mansfield     47.24
23 Nick Slim              48.14
80 Daniel Webb        54.19
99 Mungo Park          56.34
106 Chris McMahon 57.38
108 Adrian Lavery    57.58
110 Leigh Bichard     58.14
116 Ian Hughes        58.58
128 Phillip Howells  61.00
136 Rob Jordan        63.03

The mens team scored 435 pts, finished 10th.

Next xc is November 15th at Blackbridge.


Halesowen Cross Country Relays 4th October

Ladies Triumphant.

Fourteen runners( and Jon Rawlings), travelled up the M5 to participate in the Halesowen XC relays.
Once the team were all assembled it was time to erect the club gazebo, but due to the windy conditions this proved to be the only failure of the day.
Back to the racing and it was time for the first leg, with Michelle, Cathy, Brad and Stu having the honour of leading the teams off. All four runners negotiated the two course lap without any mishaps and handed over to their respective 2nd leg runners, Carol, Sally, Nick and Leigh.
It was a fantastic debut for Nick who ran the fastest time of the club male runners on the day and for Sally it was a test of her resolve to complete the course.
The third legs were run by Angie, Debbie, Ian and Rob, and not surprisingly it was Angie who recorded the fastest time of the ladies team. There was some betting going on to whether or not Angie would catch Rob, and i hear Rob was not at all offended when all the bets were in Angie’s favour.
With the ladies having completed their three legs it was down to birthday boy Dan and Phil to bring the men’s team’s home. They both got a lot of support from their fellow team mates as they crossed the line and Phil had the distinction of being the last runner to finish.
Back at race headquarters the presentations took place with the ladies A team winning a prize for finishing third.


Ladies A: Michelle Laws 28.22, Carol Cowley 30.55, Angie Sadler 27.55

Ladies B: Cathy Dudfield 31.04, Sally Jordan 39.48, Debbie Lee 30.33

Men A: Bradley Crouch 26.02, Nick Slim 24.26, Ian Hughes 27.48, Dan Webb 27.21

Men B: Stu Dudfield 26.50, Leigh Bichard 29.28, Rob Jordan 30.06, Phil Howells 31.53

Solo Runner Jon Rawlings 25.28


Chippenham Half Marathon - 14th September

One Tewkesbury AC vest, and its owner, Mungo Park, made an appearance on the 14th September at the Chippenham half marathon, which returned to celebrate 25 years of the Chippenham Harriers Running Club. The event was excellent, with a field of 1100 tackling a gently undulating country course, on a cool fine day. The race was well organized and marshalled and is well worth the trip. The winning men's time was 1:10:09, women's time 1:23:38. Mungo came rather later in the field (178th) in 1:34:09, narrowly missing a PB by 4 seconds (ouch) next time!


Newent Triathlon

The 2008 Newent Triathlon featured three members from Tewkesbury AC. As always, the event was sold-out, this time as early as June.
The trio from Tewkesbury all had their separate agenda's for the event which featured a 400m swim, 18km cycle and 5km run: Jon Mansfield aiming to win, Ian Hughes aiming to get through safe & sound and Stuart Dudfield aiming to perform smoothly and finish with a good time.
Dudfield had a good event and showed clear promise as he finished with an impressive time. His 5km run performance especially impressive. Hughes came through the event strongly. The wonderful late summer weather attributing to his race as he swam, biked and ran equally well. Mansfield had an early set-back as his swimming goggles snapped mid-way through his swim section.
Things got better as the rest of his race went well. He finished third overall and 1st Vet.

3rd Jon Mansfield (5.58/31.03/16.49) = 53 minutes

34th Stuart Dudfield (6.53/37.07/19.27) = 1hr 03mins

63rd Ian Hughes (6.44/39.03/21.38) = 1hr 07mins


Cheltenham Triathlon

Both Dudfield and Mansfield were at it again a week later in the Cheltenham Triathlon. Both Tewkesbury runners had had good performances at Newent and more of the same was hoped for in the Sandford Parks Lido based event. This year it was a sell-out with over 400 entrants but the chilly early morning mist meant that less than 400 finished. The task was a 500m swim - 10 lengths in the outdoor Lido, a 12km cycle out taking in Bishops Cleeve and a 2.7km run through the town streets.
Mansfield was first away and the three-times former winner wanted his title back. It wasn't to be as the chill from the cycling slowed his muscles and he failed to perform at his best. Mansfield placed 4th - the first time 'off the podium' in six years!
Dudfield faired better. Despite the swim being longer than ideal and a cycle course which, can only be described as 'technical', the triathlon new-comer's race came together well. As with the Newent event, getting the better of several established triathletes, he aims for next season with confidence.

4th Jon Mansfield - 47 minutes
45th Stuart Dudfield - 53 minutes


Cirencester Park 10K

A new look Cirencester course awaited six Tewkesbury athletes on a beautiful sunny Sunday morning, after a crowded start in which it was more like the london marathon before you started your watch for real, the runners slowly petered out for a one lap route around the park. Dan Webb made the early pace after his good run from the night before, Stuart Buchan who also ran the previous night made good time with a sterling effort. Caral Cowley running in the county championship was looking for some valuable points, and did herself proud by getting the V55 prize. Philip Howells had his usual steady run afetr a mere 25 miles the day before !!! Two new tewkesbury runners bought home the contingent, Jackie Arnett with a good run, and a pb for Jill Bourton with a VERY good sub 60 minute.

67th Dan Webb 41:02

114th Stuart Buchan 44:06

163rd Carol Cowley 46:22

200th Philip Howells 48:08

395th Jackie Arnett 58:55

405th Jill Bourton 59:39

491 finished.


Autumn 5 - Sandhurst - Saturday 27th September

A late inclusion into the KotR series bought the Tewkesbury AC runners out in droves (not really). Six members turned up to a sparse looking field of fellow road pounders to the two lap course around Sandhurst. The usual antics from the locals made the evening quite interesting as they pinched the Start sign !!!, after the runners finally found there way to the line, Terry was there as usual to get us all off the mark.

Nigel Tillot and Dan Webb set the early pace with Clive Sentence bring up third place for the club, this was soon to change as Clive passed Dan & Nigel with ease with Nigel then easing away from Dan.

Behind this trio Stuart Buchan, Alistair Parker and Rob Jordan were all having good runs. As the race progressed Dan managed to claw back Nigel at about the 3 Mile Mark but couldn't do anything about Clive who dissapeared into the setting sun. Nigel dug deep and claimed V40 prize for his efforts.

Results as follows:

1st For Tewkesbury and 13th Overall - Clive Sentence (9th Man)

2nd for Tewkesbury and 14th Overall - Dan Webb (10th Man) - 31:37 pb

3rd for Tewkesbury and 17th Overall - Nigel Tillot and claiming 1st V40 Prize

4th for Tewkesbury - Stuart Buchan

5th For Tewkesbury - Alistair Parker

6th for Tewkesbury - Rob Jordan


Anglesey Marathon

Tewkesbury AC's Angie Sadler was the absolute star of the show in North Wales - she took the ladies title, winning with a ten minute gap from her nearest challenger. Crossing the finishing line in 3hrs 10 minutes she also broke the women's course record!
The event incorporated the British Masters championships and Sadler was supreme as Welsh athletics legend Colin Jackson awarded the 2008 champion a host of prizes.
Phillip Howells joined Sadler and he too was rewarded for his efforts, this time with a bronze medal in the veteran 60+ British championships. He ran the testing course in 3hrs 53mins to finish 6th V60 and 3rd in the Championship.
250 runners took on the race and with Sadler finishing 22nd overall she adds another outstanding achievement to her 2008 tally which includes victories in the Stratford-upon-Avon Marathon, Cotswold Way Relay and the honour of first place British female in the huge Comrades Marathon in South Africa.


Sutton Park Road Relays- Saturday 20th September

With Dan and his trusty sat- nav leading the way a convoy of three cars left Tewkesbury School carrying the club’s relay squad to tackle these championships.
Surprisingly all three cars arrived together, and the club’s gazebo was soon erected to give notice of our presence. Before any serious running took place Brad decided to take advantage of the catering facilities and after polishing off a jacket spud then chilled out in the gazebo.
The ladies relay race started at midday and with sixty teams in the event Michelle had the honour of the first leg and handed over to Carol in 38th place. Carol who has been running well in local races carried on her good form and despite dropping two places was pleased with her time. Angie then took over and with the thought of running in the Anglesey marathon the following day eased around the course gaining ten places and with a final burst up to the finishing line made it look all too easy. On the last leg was Debbie, who matched Carol’s time and also managed to gain two places to bring the team home in 28th position with a time of 1hr 14.24.

Now it was time for the men to take centre stage with the onus on Dan to lead off. I wonder if he used his sat nav to get around the course. With over 100 teams starting in the men’s event he was up against some very strong opposition and when he crossed the line to hand over to Brad the team were in 91st place. Brad then gained nine places as he ran the quickest leg of the men’s team, was there any magical substances in his pre- race jacket spud? Ian then had the task of running the third leg and with a place in the Newent  triathlon to look forward to on the next day also made it look relatively easy. Rob ran the fourth leg and found the hilly course tougher than expected and as a result of this he lost four places. The fifth leg was down to Phil who like Angie was also running in the Anglesey marathon on the Sunday and also finished the course at a steady relaxed pace.
Sadly there was no sixth runner to complete the team so the men’s team could not qualify for a final position. Despite this disappointment and the hard course all the members of the club said they’d like to return next year.

Tewkesbury Ladies,  Position 28, Time 1:14:24

Michelle Laws (38) 17:59, Carol Cowley (40) 19:25, Angie Sadler (30) 17:35, Debbie Lee (28) 19:25.

Tewkesbury Men,  Team Incomplete, Time 2:04:55

Dan Webb(91) 23:51, Brad Crouch(82) 22:37, Ian Hughes(79) 24:25, Rob Jordan(83) 26:03, Phil Howells(78) 27:59



Scotland Buchans

Whilst visiting friends in Scotland I once again took the chance to run the Great Scottish Run 10k event on Sunday 7th September in Glasgow.  After all the rain down south over the previous few days it made a pleasant change to be greeted by perfect running conditons in Glasgow city centre on race day.  Once again Sir Jimmy Saville had the honour of setting the runners off - there were over 6,000 competing in the 10k race.  Overall I was pleased with my performance, apart from a mid-race stitch and touch of stomach cramps, recording a time of 42.25 (finishing 162 of 6,089) - just a few seconds slower than last year (but two places higher!).  Trudging up an indoor snow slope to go sledging the previous night was obviously a good pre-race workout for the legs!

After my last couple of performaces (plus the boost of picking up two silver medals!) I am now a bit more confident of running a good time at the Great South Run in Portsmouth at the end of October.


The Beacon 10km - 7th September 2008

The always popular Haresfield Beacon 10km road race featured a clutch of Tewkesbury AC runners within the 140 starters.  There were two clearly outstanding performances from Tewkesbury: Nigel Tillott finishing first for the club in under 40 minutes. Tillott has been attempting to break the 40 minute mark for last two years so his 39.55min finish time is an accurate measure of just how well he run. The other top performer was Carol Cowley. Cowley outran several of her club mates as she went on the win the V55 category.
Mike Ward also won his V70 category. Dan Webb and Cathy Dudfield also had pleasing runs as their respective form continues to improve.

Places and times...

23rd Nigel Tillott 39.55 minutes
29th Dan Webb 40.35
30th Jon Mansfield 40.43
64th Carol Cowley 45.33
66th Paul Mason 45.43
69th Cathy Dudfield 46.13
70th Stuart Dudfield 46.13
76th Phillip Howells 47.13
81st Debbie Lee 47.52
104th Mike Ward 52.01


Castle Combe Duathlon

The year's final Castle Combe Duathlon had the potential to be a three-way show-down between three of Tewkesbury AC's best Duathlete's. But, for the three girls in question, Debbie Lee, Marianne Day and Cathy Dudfield, their best laid plans faltered. Day had to withdraw on the day due to work commitments, Dudfield had a sleepless night and Lee was involved in a car accident en route. With possibly the worst conditions the popular Wednesday evening event has ever had, with rain and wind gusting to 42 mph, the 175 starters were always going to be in for tough battle.

The two Tewkesbury girls started and finished their first two mile run together. Dudfield being the stronger running had made Lee work. Once into the transition zone where the athletes collect their cycles, the race changed. Dudfield having the advantage of raced the same event 12 months ago, slipped through her transition 20 seconds faster than her team mate. This proved to be the Club Captain's decisive move. Her cycling had improved greatly over the last year, mainly due to running less due to injuries, and with that she increased her advantage to 2 minutes by the end of the 10 mile ride. Lee, racing the event for the first time, dug in deep on the final two mile run and did gain some time back, but Dudfield's race went to perfection and crossed the finish line in 1hr 1 minute. Lee followed in 1hr 3 mins.

The race also featured some top men from Tewkesbury AC: Stuart Dudfield, like his wife, was returning 12 months after his maiden outing. He had a solid race although the strong winds erased any chances of improving his 2007 time. Racing for the Tewkesbury Tri club but also a Tewkesbury AC member, Leigh Birchard produced an excellent performance. His 10 mile cycle leg particularly impressive.

Defending 2007 series winner Jon Mansfield repeated his success by winning the 2008 Vets title by timing the lowest from a total of three races.

11th Jon Mansfield 47 minutes 33 seconds
71st Leigh Birchard 56.30
81st Stuart Dudfield 58.02
110th Cathy Dudfield 1hr 01.35
123rd Debbie Lee 1hr 03.16


COUNTY 10K and RELAY CHAMPIONSHIPS - Wednesday 3rd September

With Team GB’s relay teams not doing as well in the Olympics as expected could Tewkesbury  AC’s contingent fair any better?
In what turned out to be a very wet and blustery evening at the Prince of Wales Stadium in Cheltenham, the club managed to get a men’s team out for both the 4x100 and 4x400’s, unfortunately the ladies could only muster three so our club secretary aptly stepped in for the 400’s, well done Steve.

The 100’s were the first event of the evening with Carol being seconded into the Bourton ladies team, where she ran the second leg, and earned herself the highest medal of the Championships for the club with a GOLD!!

Next up were the men, who were trying to improve on last year’s bronze, with only Rob surviving from that four. It was Rob that had the distinction of running the first leg to hand over to Dan, and despite the unsmooth hand over the team were challenging for first place. Despite Dan having to run in to the wind he shot down the back straight to pass the baton onto Paul, who ran the bend for Stu to take over and hold off the challenge down the home straight to cross the line in 3rd place, but due to the first team being made up of two clubs, Tewkesbury finished in silver medal position.

The next event was the 10k (23 laps), ran in continuous rain, with two of the older members of the club braving the elements. Both Phil and Mike took to the track while the remainder of the runners, along with fellow club supporters, Ian Hughes and Amanda Martin, stayed in the dry up in the stand cheering them on. And for the second year there was confusion as they both came to the end of the race, with Phil stopping and then being told he had another lap to do, and Mike also paused thinking he had finished before setting off on his final lap.
Once the race had finished Phil quickly swapped his number to take part in the mile race along with Dan, Paul and Stu from the 4x400 team, Rob wisely stayed dry in the stand. Once more the race was run in appalling conditions but it was good preparation for the final event.

This time the running order was changed with Dan leading off and was surprised when he got quickly passed by the team that eventually crossed the line in first place.
Dan passed the baton to Paul who kept the club in second place with a slight lead. Stu took over and was passed going down the back straight but he still maintained a good lead over the chasing teams when he handed the baton to Rob, who successfully brought the quartet home in third place.

The 4x400 ladies team were up next, with both Michelle and Nikki having endured a long wait in the stands getting their time in the spotlight.
Michelle, having moaned throughout the evening (she did tell me that moaning is one of her hobby’s!!), took the baton on the first leg, and handed over to Steve, an honorary lady for the night, in second place. Stevie maintained this position with a steady run before handing over to Nikki, who like Stu got passed down the back straight. Carol took over the carrying of the baton on the last lap and was under no pressure as she finished.

Both Phil and Mike got a run in the event representing a Bourton over 60’s team.
There was a rumour going around the squad that if the team won a medal a former member would buy them a Sunday meal. Any suggestions on where we should eat?

4x100m Relay
Carol Cowley  Gold medal winner for Bourton
Rob Jordan, Daniel Webb, Paul Mason, Stuart Buchan.  55.5 Silver Medal
Phil Howells, Mike Ward, finished in 5th place  as part a Bourton team.

Due to bad weather some times were not recorded, but Phil Howells came 17th and Mike Ward 20th
5th Daniel Webb 5.56
6th Paul Mason 6.02
10th Stuart Buchan 6.22
14th Phil Howells 7.28

4x400m Relay
3rd (Upgraded to 2nd), Daniel Webb, Paul Mason, Stuart Buchan, Rob Jordan: 4.38
3rd(As a mixed team), Michelle Laws, Steve Wiggall , Nikki Webb, Carol Cowley: 5.37


LLOYDS TSB FITNESS 4 MILE - Thursday 4th September.

The final race in this series saw only Rob Jordan from the club make it to the starting line. With the threat of rain once again, a shower fell just as the runners assembled on the line for the pre-race briefing, but luckily for the runners there was no more rain during the race. However it did get a bit too dark which was made more noticeable when vehicles came towards you with their headlights on.
With no other club members there, Rob could run in a more relaxed fashion, and reached the half way turning point in 14.28. Chasing down a couple of Stroud runners near the end of the course, Rob finished in a time of 28.45. Not his quickest time for the course this year, he did that back in April, but nonetheless he was pleased with the time.


Oldbury 10 mile race - 31st August 2008

This years Oldbury 10m road race was brought forward from it's normal Autumn slot to, what was expected to be, a warm summers morning. Alas, the days weather was fashionably wet! Six runners from Tewkesbury AC travelled down to the race which was staged at the Oldbury Power Station with the HQ based within the impressive visitors centre.
The 10 mile course is pan flat without any incline whatsoever and that normally produces some fast finishing times. Tewkesbury best on the day was Jon Mansfield's 1 hr 1 minute; a few minutes slower than his best but for the Triathlete, it's the first step towards Marathon training as he plans to run Leicester and Barbados Marathons before the year is through.
A Tewkesbury club runner who did perform beyond his best was Nigel Tillott. Tillott cloaked a personal best time of 1 hr 6 minutes. His running was helped by having team mate Paul Lockyer just a few yards ahead for the duration. Lockyer himself crossed the line just one second ahead with a pleasing time.
Using the event to test his fitness, Dan Webb was able to judge how he should fair in his target event - Stroud's Half-Marathon later this year. He was pleased with his performance and looks on target with a 1 hr 7 minute run.  Stuart Buchan returned to the event after missing last years and ran just 10 seconds slower than his 2006 time. Pleasing, as he's returning to good form.
Tewkesbury's 73yr old (almost), Mike Ward gave it his best efforts, just missing out on winning his 70+ age category however, finishing 318th from 439 finishers is an sound accolade for his tremendous ability.

37th Jon Mansfield 1.01.38
78th Paul Lockyer 1.06.05
81st Nigel Tillott 1.06.09
95th Dan Webb 1.07.29
148th Stuart Buchan 1.11.59
318th Michael Ward 1.27.25


Boddington 50K

A special invitation only 50Km England Ultra Distance Running team selection race was held at Boddington on Saturday 30th August to which Tewkesbury AC's female ultra running star Angie Sadler was one of those asked to take part. The race, one of series of 4 over the distance, was promoted to give rated ultra athletes an opportunity to gain a qualifying time to be considered for selection for ultra distance races of 100km and 24 hours leading up to a first time Commonwealth Championships Ultra Running event to be held in the UK over these two distances in the Auitumn of 2009. The criteria for selection for females was to have beaten 4 hours over the distance in the recent past, and just 4 women were taking part in this race, run to strict championship rules and under the label of the International Association of Ultra Runners, from a total field of 9 top England ultra performers.

On a very untypical 2008 August summer day the weather was very hot and humid despite being overcast, making conditions quite tough over the 14 laps of the quiet country lane circuit around Boddington. However, consistent Angie rose to the occasion as usual and despite giving nearly 20 years in age to a couple of the other female runners she came in a strong 2nd place in a comfortable qualifying time of 3hrs 51mins 56secs. Participating and performing well within expectations now makes Angie eligible to be considered for selection for England teams aiming to gain qualifying times in 100k and/or 24 hours races between now and June 2009 iin order to be considered for selection for the England team in the Commonwealth Championships.  A list of these qualifying events is now being scrutinised and considered!!


Arlingham Pass race 25th August 2008

Tewkesbury runners made their presence known in this splendid Bank Holiday Monday race just south of Gloucester. Nearly a quarter of the field were representing the yellow and black colours of Tewkesbury AC. The country lane course was just over four miles long and the multi-loops make it exciting viewing for spectators.
The race featured several tussles and surprisingly good performances: Epitomizing the club's beginners and improvers niche, Jackie Arnett showed real promise as she crossed the line in 47th place. Other fine runs were from Cathy Dudfield who, despite being unwell the week prior, did enough to take the runner-ups honors in the female category. Mike Ward claimed the top 70yr+ prize with a free-flowing run. Rob Jordan took a break from a hectic Cricket season and showed no signs of slowing bowling.
Enduring a race long tussle, Paul Mason and Stuart Buchan were almost shoulder to shoulder. In the end it was Mason who crossed the line with 2 seconds to spare. Perhaps the biggest shock result within the club was Nigel Tillott's run. He tore the form the book to shreds as he put a huge 58 seconds between himself and in-form Dan Webb. Tillott was overjoyed with the result and it could well have a deciding effect on the 2008 Club Championship.
Further excitement was at the sharper end of the race, the quality turn-out of the runners on the day meant that any one of the top ten finishers could have won on another day. With Cheltenham's Dave Roper speeding away to finish within seconds of the course record, a chasing bunch ran a tactical race, tucking inside each other to shelter from gusty winds. Here, again, the form book proved wrong as Jon Mansfield showed a clean pair of heels to a trio of his tormentors. Needless to say, Mansfield was pleased with how the day unfolded.

6th Jon Mansfield 24.53 minutes
16th Nigel Tillott 28.00
18th Dan Webb 28.58
31st Paul Mason 30.12
32nd Stuart Buchan 30.15
24th Rob Jordan 31.17
37th Cathy Dudfield 32.05
43rd Mike Ward 35.37
47th Jackie Arnett 41.41


Pewsey Half Marathon 24th August 2008

Carol Cowley tried out the Pewsey 1/2m for the first time. The birthday girl continues to improves as time goes by. She recorded a respectable 1 hour 47 minutes to place 136th overall.


Standish Woodland Chase 17th August 2008

Stroud's 10 mile multi-terrain race through Standish wood and over sections of the Cotswold Way was too tempting for Tewkesbury AC's Debbie Lee and Jon Mansfield to resist. Both runners put in strong performances, despite it being precariously wet, with Lee placing 69th with 1 hour 22 minutes while Mansfield took a wrong turn near the finish and had to run back up hill the rejoin the race. He couldn't make-up the lost ground and had to settle for 9th place in 1 hour 5 minutes.


Sandhurst 5K (Race 4)

7 Members of Tewkesbury AC turned up for the final 5K of the Sandhurst Series organised by Severn AC, New to the race scene Elly Smith & Katrina Stevens finished in fantastic form as they brought home the field in times of 32 Minutes 20 Seconds and 34 Minutes respectively. First home for the Club was Daniel Webb, not his best run of this course, but pleased to break 20 Mins in 19:32. Next back was the very youthful Rob Jordan who was looking for a sub 22 Minutes, he did this by finishing stongly in 21:48. Carol let her boss win on this occasion and finished just behind Rob on 22:07. Mick Morris continues his fine spell of recent running with a 24:41, with Mike Ward also finising in 24 Minutes (+ ?? Seconds).

Daniel Webb 19:32

Rob Jordan 21:48

Carol Cowley 22:07

Mike Ward 24:??

Mick Morris 24:41

Elly Smith 32:20

Katrina Stevens 34:??


Lloyds TSB Fitness 4 mile race

Three members from the club were on the start line for the latest Lloyds TSB Fitness 4 mile race.
Both Debbie Lee and Mike Ward had raced the previous day in the Bugatti 10k race, whereas Rob Jordan managed to prise himself off his settee and away from his sky box to join them at the start.
At the half way cone Rob had an 11 second lead over Debbie, while Mike was further back in the field. Over the second part of the race Rob increased his lead over Debbie as her stamina faded.

Rob Jordan 28.53

Debbie Lee 29.22

Mike Ward  32.22


Bugatti Beer Race

"A fantastic turn out by Tewkesbury AC on the return of the Bugatti Beer Race after a 1-year absence due to the floods.
Daniel Webb bought home the contingent in a hard fought battle with Nigel Tillott after chasing him down for 8.5Km, Daniel Webb had just enough left in his legs on the last climb to pull away and finish 7 seconds ahead at the line.
Next home was Michelle Laws with a great time of 43:20 minutes which gave her 4th female overall and first female for Tewkesbury. Stuart Buchan had his usual steady run with a good time to boot. Stuart Dudfield suffered in the middle section of the course but finished strongly to record a time some way from his best. Debbie Lee & Carol Cowley had a titanic battle all the way round the course with Lee just beating Cowley to the line in a good time of 48:35, these two with Cathy Dudfield and Laws helped Tewkesbury AC get awarded with a Prestigious Silver for the Women’s Team. Philip Howells decided to keep the mileage to single figures for a change but still put in a reasonable performance. Nick Matthews and Roy Northcott both finished with smiles on their faces, the duo recce’d the course at the weekend to gain an extra edge on the field with good results. Mike Ward showed again why he's the counties 70yr+ star with a healthy performance. Much improved efforts from Paul Mason, Jonathan Teague and longer distance runner Ian Hughes were all noted.

44 Daniel Webb Tewkesbury AC M 00:42:17
46 Nigel Tillott Tewkesbury AC M40 00:42:24
59 Michelle Laws Tewkesbury AC L35 00:43:20
62 Stuart Buchan Tewkesbury AC M 00:43:36
83 Ian Hughes Tewkesbury AC M40 00:44:34
94 Stuart Dudfield Tewkesbury AC M 00:45:15
108 Paul Mason Tewkesbury AC M40 00:46:05
131 Cathy Dudfield Tewkesbury AC L35 00:48:02
141 Debbie Lee Tewkesbury AC L35 00:48:35
142 Carol Cowley Tewkesbury AC L55 00:48:36
151 Phil Howells Tewkesbury AC M60 00:49:02
154 Roy Northcott Tewkesbury AC M 00:49:07
164 Nick Matthews Tewkesbury AC M 00:49:29
230 Mike Ward Tewkesbury AC M70 00:53:14
254 Jonathan Teague Tewkesbury AC M40 00:54:49

Mens Team
8          Tewkesbury AC [A] 25, 44, 46, 62           177
15         Tewkesbury AC [B] 83, 94, 108, 151       436
27         Tewkesbury AC [C] 154, 164, 230, 254    802

Womens Team
2          Tewkesbury AC [A] 59, 131, 141, 142      473


Gloucester Half Marathon - 27/07/08

This years Gloucester 1/2 Marathon was finally blessed with summer sun. In the past the Newent based event has had torrential rain and postponement due to torrential rain. The four Tewkesbury AC entrants who, all incidentally took part in the sweltering Tewkesbury 1/2 Marathon in May, had their work cut-out as temperatures soared to summer highs. Coping best was Nick Mathews who crossed the finish line in 231st place. His team mate Roy Northcott came in five minutes behind.
Stuart Dudfield crossed the line with Club Captain Cathy Dudfield as the pair both used the event for train for future events.

207th Cathy Dudfield 1 hour 57 minutes
208th Stuart Dudfield 1hr 57
231st Nick Mathews 1.59
252nd Roy Northcott 2.02

390 runners finished.


Bourton Mile Challenge

This years Bourton Mile Challenge, at Bourton-on-the-Water was the scene of some wonderful running by the eleven Tewkesbury AC athletes who participated. There were lots of reasons to travel to the centre of the Cotswolds for such a short race; its was the Gloucestershire County Mile Championships, it featured in Tewkesbury's Club Championship series and it was a points event for the Glos County series.
Most of the runners hadn't raced over the mile before so it was hard to foresee how the race would go.

The most impressive turn of speed came from one of the Counties PC's Stuart Dudfield. He surprised several onlookers by finishing in five and a half minutes exactly - that's certainly going to concern any fleeing felons! Wife Cathy Dudfield came away from the awards presentation with the Silver medal in the ladies Veteran 35yrs category. The competition in the ladies race was especially tough with the first three finishers all being GB International runners. However, she also received a cash prize for 1st LV35 as International star Wendy Nicholls finished in the top three.
It was Silver again for Tewkesbury as Mungo Park starred in the MV55 category. And again for Chloe Mason. Mason's been training hard with the club over the last two months and claimed 2nd place in the under 15yrs race. There was Bronze success for Debbie Lee also in the FV35. While Tewkesbury's Golden moment was produced by the County's V70 star Mike Ward.
Tewkesbury's V60 men had a tough battle as Phillip Howells and County Secretary Mike Morris finished an unlucky 4th and 5th respectively. Unlucky 4th too for Jon Mansfield in the V40 race.

Outside of the medals but still having really swift miles, Dan Webb and Paul Mason timed well inside six minutes.

23rd & 4th MV40 Jon Mansfield 5:09 minutes
33rd & 12th SM Stuart Dudfield 5:30
35th & 13th SM Dan Webb 5:34
49th & 6th V45 Paul Mason 5:53
51st & 2nd V55 Mungo Park 6:04 - V55 Glos County Silver Medal
60th & 10th Female Cathy Dudfield 6:23 - LV35 Glos County Silver Medal + 1st LV35 
62nd & 12th Female Debbie Lee 6:32 - LV35 Glos County Bronze Medal
71st  & 4th V60 Phillip Howells 6:56
73rd  & 5th V60 Mick Morris 7:02
83rd  & 1st V70 Mike Ward 7:24 - V70 Glos County Gold Medal
91st & 24th Female Chloe Mason 8.00 - 2nd LU15


White Horse 5 Km - No.3

Thursday evening's 'White Horse' 5km featured in Tewkesbury AC's Club Championship series and eight members set themselves up ready to run on, what's widely accepted, one of the fastest 5km road courses in Britain. Clear evidence of that claim was shown as Welsh veteran Martin Rees broke the V55 world record in an astonishing 15.31 minutes.
The Tewkesbury runners were no match for the new world record holder, certainly not on this occasion. However, the club's confidence was certainly boosted by the surprise support of convalescing club favorites Amanda Martin and Sue Bruce.
Racing went to plan for only some of the Tewkesbury team though: Dan Webb and Paul Mason having particularly good evenings. Nigel Tillott was laden with a head cold and had to concede to inform Webb. Rob Jordan never fails to impress over shorter race distances and he had the better of Tewkesbury's lone female representative Debbie Lee. Lee, like Jon Mansfield and Mike Ward were a little short of their anticipated finishing times. Not too bad for Ward as he scooped the Vet 70yr+ first prize.

Jon Mansfield - 17.12 minutes
Dan Webb  -  19.15
Nigel Tillott - 19.33
Paul Mason - 20.34
Stuart Buchan - 20.40
Robert Jordan - 21.41
Debbie Lee - 22.12
Michael Ward - 24.58


Evesham Vale 10k Sunday July 13th

Six Tewkesbury runners headed north to take part in the inaugural Evesham Vale 10km road race. The race started in Evesham town centre with over 400 runners crammed into the High Street. The route took runners alongside large parts of the River Avon, over its two main bridges and through Crown Meadow. As the sun beat down on weary competitors, a welcome distraction was provided by a jazz band belting out up tempo tunes as runners passed the Abbey Park bandstand. There was no time to stop and dance as the Tewkesbury club members looked to improve on recent results.
First home in a field of 424 finishers was Paul Mason, coming 87th overall with a time of 44:43 minutes. Next in was Jonathan Teague with 52:25 and not far behind came Karen Mason in 58:04. Out of season Rugby star, Wes Reid was looking for a better run and was pleased to finish just outside the hour mark with 1:01:49. Jackie Arnett and Gillian Bourton continued to improve with times of 1:02:36 and 1:03:23 respectively.

87th     Paul Mason          44:43
219th   Jonathan Teague   52:25
299th   Karen Mason        58:04
352nd  Wes Reid            1:01:49
362nd  Jackie Arnett       1:02:36
368th   Gill Bourton         1:03:23


Frampton 10km Monday 14th July

A slightly larger starting field was witnessed at the popular Frampton village event. This time eight athletes from Tewkesbury AC took part. The event having Gloucestershire County Series status meant that County series regulars, Phillip Howells, Carol Cowley and Mike Ward were joined by Cathy and Stuart Dudfield in the hunt for 2008 points.
For a July event, the weather was noticeably cool and that had a positive effect on the performances of Carol Cowley, Debbie Lee, Nigel Tillott and Jon Mansfield all setting course personal best times. Cowley's being the most impressive as the 57yr old was the clubs leading lady. Tillott ran well indeed as he hit the 40 minute mark exactly.

21st Jon Mansfield 35.55 minutes
70th Nigel Tillott 40.00
87th Stuart Dudfield 41.01
170th Carol Cowley 45.51
176th Cathy Dudfield 46.10
185th Debbie Lee 46.37
204th Phillip Howells 47.18
259th Mike Ward 50.12


Multisport news

Members of Tewkesbury AC are far from exclusive to running events these days...

Phillip Howells returned to Eastnor Castle to race in the Middle Distance Triathlon. Having raced in the event once before, the 2008 staging had no surprises for the 61 year old vet. His race went to plan and being a relatively non-swimmer, he was limited to swimming breast-stroke for the whole two laps in Eastnor lake. He left the water after 46 minutes only to find himself the proverbial country mile behind his fellow competitors. Once on dry land Howells accelerated with the knowledge that his cycling strength would bring him back into the race. He tore through the 54 mile course which, included four climbs over the Malvern Hills, in 3hrs 37 minutes. With just a 12 mile run to complete, Howells was able to climb up to 45th position and his crossed the finish line having ran 1hr 38 mins for a total event time of 6hrs 3 mins.

Attempting something much shorter at the Hereford Triathlon were Debbie Lee and Jon Mansfield. Lee, being completely new to multisport and had only started cycling two weeks previously, had really challenged herself. Since switching clubs and joining up with Tewkesbury AC, Lee had already improved her performances and the Hereford race was no exception. She completed the event in 1hr 6 mins to place 87th overall and 12th senior female. The days weather was wet and windy and only 145 competitors completed the course.
Jon Mansfield was equally as impressive as he claimed 3rd overall and 1st place vet male - receiving prizes for both placings. His finishing time was 51 minutes.



Bourton Hilly Half

Two members of Tewks AC competed in the Hilly Half. You know from experience that it is tough!

Good running conditions in evening sunshine with cooling breeze on the hills.Newcomer to the club Debbie Lee despite a tummy problem finished in 1.48.51.
(132). Mike Ward finished in 1.56.21(176) to claim first award in 70+ and max points in the county series.

277 runners finshed.


‘Long Distance Walkers Association’ 31 miles ‘Caerphilly Summits’

The Tewkesbury duo of Angie Sadler and Phillip Howells tackled and achieved a ‘summit’ performance in the ‘Long Distance Walkers Association’ 31 miles ‘Caerphilly Summits’ event on Saturday 5th July. The LDWA caters for runners as well as walkers in their events (which are well organised with excellent refreshment stops en-route) and some couple of dozen hardy souls set off at 09.00am from the Tongwynlais Community Primary School HQ in strong winds and pouring rain. Before them was a run over some of the most scenic, but also the roughest and toughest terrain the Welsh valleys have to offer, with some 7900 feet of climbing to look forward to and chasing the walkers who had left an hour earlier.

It is no ordinary off-road event this. Participants have to ‘map read’ or follow several pages of type-written directions to navigate themselves over a course that often followed no specific path or obvious direction, with lots of opportunity to go off course and add miles to the run for a moment’s lost concentration. It was also impossible to run in many places, with the route often taking you through narrow paths lined shoulder high with bracken, which in turn hid many brambles and nettles which added to the joy of the run as they ‘gently’ tugged, scratched or imparted their barbs on bare legs and arms. Map and direction following is no easy task when located at a remote, hill-top trig-point, with near a gale force wind whistling around the ears and the rain driving into your body, threatening to reduce the instructions to a useless, sodden mass. Descending steep, muddy and/or rocky paths in forests also calls for constant concentration to avoid a nasty fall, which fortunately both avoided.

However this is the sort of terrain and conditions in which the two experienced off-road runners revel and although their finishing time of 7 hours 44 minutes might not seem quick when equating to the more usual road-based courses, this was the fastest time on the day as the two runners came home as the first to finish the distance, including the earlier departing walkers. A memorable and very satisfying outcome for them both, but especially for Phillip, because although Angie is very accustomed to winning, being the acknowledged ‘classy runner’ that she is, outright ‘wins’, even if from a small - but of course, select - field are very rare when in your early sixties and so received very gratefully if and when they happen. Actually that makes two ‘first homes’ for Phillip this year, following success in the first club 5 mile handicap earlier in the season – making these two the first genuine ‘first person to finish’ results since his days back in the army over 40 years ago when he used to win a few cross country races. Amazing how these things can come about when least expected isn’t it – a lesson to learn; don’t ever give up, because you just never know what rewarding achievement is around the corner.


Aerospace 5 -  3rd July 2008

Cheltenham Harriers successfully staged their Aerospace 5 mile race on Thursday evening and, as per normal, Tewkesbury AC showed up in force.
The course takes in Southam, Woodmancote and Bishops Cleeve before returning to the finish at Smiths Aerospace. On the night there were
several fine performances from the Tewkesbury club and because the race featured in the in-house Club Championship, there was some real sterling efforts
Mike Ward won the V70 category with consistently strong run. Dan Webb produced probably the best run from Tewkesbury after he overtook club mate Nigel Tillott and crossed the finish line with a 30 second cushion. Cathy Dudfield saved her best till last as she out-sprinted her new club mate Debbie Lee in an exciting finish. Lee recorded a course Pb. Mungo Park just keeps getting quicker everytime he races and this evening was true to form Paul Mason had an improved run and so did his wife Karen who lead a promising trio of new club members with Jackie Arnett and Gillian Bourton
displaying the clubs new strength in depth. Jonathan Teague and Steve Wiggall both had promising runs over the course which steadily climbed for the first mile and a half. Jon Mansfield finished just outside the top ten just a day after he successfully defended his South West Duathlon title in the Castle Combe Duathlon. Raced over a 2 mile run/10 mile bike/2 mile run/10 mile bike/2 mile run, his time of 1hr 25 mins was just enough to defeat favorite Stroud AC's Graeme Davis.

  • 12th Jon Mansfield 30.08
  • 28th Dan Webb 32.24
  • 31st Nigel Tillott 32.51
  • 38th Mungo Park 33.37
  • 62nd Paul Mason 36.34
  • 74th Cathy Dudfield 38.02
  • 75th Debbie Lee 38.08
  • 81st Steve Wiggall 38.47
  • 96th Mike Ward 41.08 *1st V70
  • 103rd Jonathan Teague 42.04
  • 112th Karen Mason 46.21
  • 114th Jackie Arnett 47.23
  • 116th Gillian Bourton 48.35


Tewkesbury AC land on the podium at the first attempt!

Tewkesbury AC's first ever participation in the Cotswold Way Relay was a success beyond dreams... the team of ten runners, assembled by Angie Sadler, ran along the entire length of the Cotswold Way in 14 hours 16 minutes. Team Captain Sadler's objective was to ensure each runner made it from their stage starting points through to the stage ends. Also, to ensure the drop-off and collection of each runner from each of the ten separate stages - all this was never going to be easy. However, with a fine selection of team helpers, supporters and adequate transport, Sadler's efforts were more than perfect. Her team ran 102 miles across some of the most varied terrain this area has to offer without a hitch. It was eventful granted, but on the whole, a thoroughly enjoyable and memorable experience. And for some, an experience which lasted from 5am all the way through until 10pm - and it could have gone on longer had it not been for Starbucks staff removing TAC off their beautiful settees.

The true scale of the Tewkesbury's success wasn't realized until the early hours of the next day when news started to spread that the team, of three women and seven men, had scooped the bronze medal position after claiming third in the hotly contested "mixed team " event. By doing so, crushing all the other Gloucestershire clubs: Forest of Dean, Cheltenham and Dursley being the nearest challengers.

Tewkesbury's ten runners all had different experiences on their stages which varied greatly with terrain and distance although, they were all between 7 and 13 miles in length. Angie Sadler had further reason to be delighted with her day as she won her stage after having to work hard against another quality female athlete from Team Bath. The best overall placing (7th) was recorded by Rob Knight down in Stage 9. The other eight runners all did Tewkesbury proud - not just on the day with top performances but during the build-up by making the effort to reconnoitre the meandering course.

1  Michelle Laws 01:41:11

2  Ian Hughes 01:46:04

3  Mungo Park 01:11:41

4  Nigel Tillott 01:41:39

5  Angie Sadler 01:26:59

6  Stuart Buchan 01:24:34

7  Carol Cowley 01:09:26

8  Jon Mansfield 01:33:59

9  Rob Knight 01:06:38

10 Bradley Crouch 01:14:18


Comrades Marathon

This year's Comrades Marathon once again had its fair share of Tewkesbury AC runners when Angie Sadler and Michelle Laws returned to South Africa to complete the 'up' version after a first trip for the 'down' version last year. Both runners were delighted with excellent performances which also earned them the much-coveted 'back-to-back medal (which is why you have to go back for a second trial of mind over matter, despite a 'never again' reaction on finishing the first one!).

Angie, claiming to be taking a more relaxed approach this year after a near silver medal run of just over 7.5 hours in her 2007 debut (anyone who knows her will appreciate that Angie's idea of a relaxed run would still be a tortured one for any of her clubmates attempting to keep up with her!), had promised to stop and take photographs en-route to capture some of the unique spirit that is Comrades, for posterity. This she did, but despite the snapping-stops (and a few other Paula Radcliffe-esque ones for an unruly tummy on the day) still recored an outstanding 7hrs 55mins 51secs for 18th female place and 665th overall, earning her a second 'Bill Rowen'class medal.

Michelle also rose to the occasion to knock over three quarters of an hour off her 2007 time to record 9hrs 11mins 15secs for 126th female place, 2,682 overall and a second 'Bronze' class medal.

Both girls came away thrilled with their times and performances, regarding the event as amongst their most memorable and rewarding races. Having experienced the race before, they were determined to fully absorb the atmosphere and passion that only those who have completed Comrades can really appreciate. It generates one of the most electric and emotional of atmospheres of any race that you can participate in, with its huge entry for the distance, amazing and rapturous crowd support and one of the most dramatic of sporting spectacles as time limits are strictly observed to the second. There is nothing more moving than seeing still dozens of runners, some hardly able to hobble, desperately trying to beat the gun denoting the final 12 hours cutoff time and many failing just yards, or even feet from the line. It never fails to be moving and poignant with the crowd becoming hoarse encouraging these runners to get to the line on time with a huge din of cheering and advertising hoard banging to exhort them to that last determined effort.

The famous 54 miles race is held in June each year since its foundation in 1922 to commemorate 'fallen comrades' from World War 1 and is held on a Durban to Pietermaritzberg route which is reversed each year. It is an icon of S African sport and attracts an amazing field of some 10,000 runners of which a few hundred are 'international'.Although June is their winter, the race is held in temperatures in the high 20s, and this year was deemed to be one of the hottest of recent years.


Mallard's Pike, Forest of Dean - 18th June 2008

This year's Mallards Pike 5 mile race was, as always, popular with Tewkesbury AC runners. The event, which took place in the Forest of Dean, was certainly one to remember for Tewkesbury with some historic performances.
Despite the evening rain and the ensuing slippery conditions, Debbie Lee ran a course personal best time during a spectacular race where the three top women ran a close contest with just seconds between them. Lee had the lead in the last 500 yards and dug in deep to gain more speed to ensure, not just her first win for her new club but, a first for Tewkesbury in the history of the event. As the ladies winner, Lee collected a fantastic trophy with some fine wine.
Credit must go to Carol Cowley, who was also in contention but, even with her expert nous, she was unable to reach her new team mate. Cowley finished 3rd overall female.
Third place also went to Jon Mansfield. Mansfield also managed a course Pb.
His main two club competitors were jammed in the Highnam roadworks so it was down to Nigel Tillott and Dan Webb to follow Mansfield across the finish line. Both runners having recovered well from spring marathons just missed out on top ten finishes. Their finishing times were quick and it was only the good standard of competition on show that kept them from breaking the top ten.
Mungo Park, Stuart Buchan, Paul Mason and club secretary Steve Wiggall all had satisfying runs over the trail paths and given the precarious conditions, recorded good times.
Wes Reid, who's racing regularly now that his Rugby season is over, is improving by the day and his run went to plan.
Karen Mason's run certainly didn't go to plan. Mason's run, her first for the club, went much better than planned as she stripped minutes off her target time.
Joining Mason, there were two more debuts: Jackie Arnett and Gill Bourton showed gritty determination and ran equally as well as each other as they beat the conditions underfoot. The club's three new girls all showed exciting promise are welcome editions to Tewkesbury AC.
Chepstow Harriers who staged the event also held a Fun Run. Over a shorter distance, it was just as competitive as brothers Andrew and Chris Tillott fought over 1st and 2nd places. It was Chris who took the win on this occasion. Chloe Mason finished 4th girl.

  • 3rd Jon Mansfield 28.55 minutes
  • 13th Nigel Tillott 32.07
  • 16th Daniel Webb 32.44
  • 22nd Mungo Park 33.29
  • 31st Stuart Buchan 35.25
  • 33rd Paul Mason 36.32
  • 35th Debbie Lee 36.55 - 1st women
  • 38th Carol Cowley 37.08 - 3rd women
  • 39th Steve Wiggall 37.26
  • 72nd Karen Mason 46.16
  • 79th Wesley Reid 48.32
  • 82nd Jackie Arnett 49.18
  • 83rd Gill Bourton 49.27


White Horse 5 Km - No.2

Three Tewkesbury AC members raced the Second 2008 White Horse 5K at Sandhurst. Daniel Webb pushed hard all the way to set a new personal best of 19.09 Minutes.

Not far behind was Rob Jordan; Rob has recently become the proud owner of a Sky Box and with Cricket on the telly nearly every day, it was a difficult decision, but he decided he had better get of the sofa at least once this summer and make the trip to clock up a respectable 22.00 Minutes.

Bringing home the Tewkesbury contingent was Mick Morris; Mick has been building up the legs and was hoping for a Sub 25 Minutes, this he achieved with a good performance finishing in 24.35 Minutes.

  • Daniel Webb 19.09 Minutes (pb)
  • Rob Jordan 22.00 Minutes
  • Mick Morris 24:35 Minutes


Westonbirt Arboretum 10km

Monday evenings Westonbirt Arboretum 10km race had some fabulous weather to
enhance the exuberant surroundings. Over 600 runners set-off through the
trees with Tewkesbury AC having eight members enjoying the most beautiful
course the area has to offer.
The evening centered around birthday girl Michelle Laws. Celebrating her
39th birthday, she ran finely to finish a few seconds ahead of partner, Ian
Hughes. Laws deliberately took things easy as she joins Angie Sadler
traveling to South Africa for a major Ultra-distance event the following
New member Paul Lockyer ran his first race for the club and performed well
as the heat affected others. Debbie Lee, also new to the club, had to make
a couple of stops due to conditions. Lee pushed on and finished just behind
Carol Cowley who came in as runner-up in the FV50 category.
Jon Mansfield and Rob Knight came in 1st and 2nd for Tewkesbury just
outside the top ten.

11th Jon Mansfield 37.04 minutes
16th Rob Knight 38.30
37th Paul Lockyer 41.05
77th Michelle Laws 44.08
81st Ian Hughes 44.28
112th Angie Sadler 46.13
149th Carol Cowley 48.07
151st Debbie Lee 48.21


Cork Marathon

A team of four Tewkesbury AC runners went to Ireland this past weekend to
run Monday's Cork city marathon. All four ran sub four hours for the 26.2
mile distance. They were lead home by 47yr old star Angie Sadler who
finished as 5th lady and 58th overall in a stunning time of 3 hours 7
minutes. She also came 2nd in her 45-49 age category and demonstrated just
how well she is coming back to scintillating form again after some long
months recuperating from a back injury.

Next to finish was Michelle Laws in finely paced 3hrs 42 mins and 6th in
her 35-39 age category. She was closely followed by Ian Hughes, performing
above expectations in his first ever 'proper' road marathon and first race
over the distance for months following an injury, to record a rare negative
split time of 3-49. Last, but not least and completing a quartet of sub-4
hour was Philip Howells; he ran his 67th marathon in Ireland and came 4th
in the 60+ age category despite running in full Elvis Presley regalia -
including the wig and gold rimmed glasses!

58th Angie Sadler 3 hours 07 minutes
314th Michelle Laws 3-42hr
385th Ian Hughes 3-48hr
507th Phillip Howells 3-55hr


LloydsTSB 4 mile series

The second Lloyds TSB Fitness Four took place at 7.30 on 5 June in ideal
conditions and three Tewks AC members participated with new member Debbie
Lee finishing first for Tewkesbury. Results as follows:-

28th Debbie Lee      29.33
35th Marianne Day  31.22
39th Mike Ward      32.21


Otmoor Challenge

Held at Horton-cum-Studley near Oxford on Saturday 7th June, the Otmoor Challenge
is a 13.5 mile run over Otmoor nature reserve and is roughly 50% off-road.
With lots of tracks, fields and a tough hill to climb towards the end.
Tewkesbury's Angie Sadler had another outstanding performance in winning the 1st lady prize
and finishing in 30th place. Phillip Howells also ran the event, his sixth time and with a
respectable performance.  Results are:

Angie Sadler 1hr 32mins 23secs, 30th place overall, 1st lady
Phillip Howells 1hr 47mins 26secs, 115th place overall

There were 315 finishers


'Tewkesbury AC in Sweden'

Tewkesbury AC were represented in Sweden's Capital on Saturday in the annual Stockholm Marathon.
Dan Webb has been in training for months in preparation for one of Europe's best loved events.
Last year saw record temperatures and this year was no exception with 27 degree heat.
Dan managed the harsh conditions well and paced himself expertly and out of 18000 runners he finished
in 2004th position overall, with a finishing time of 3 Hours 39 Minutes 44 Seconds.


Dymock Half-Marathon.

Tewkesbury AC's Angie Sadler lead the way over a undulating course through
West Gloucestershire as she won the women's title in 1hr 30 minutes. Not a
new experience for the Ultra-distance star as she won in 2005 & 2006.
Joining the new ladies champion, in the pouring rain, where Phillip Howells
and Debbie Lee. Lee completing the country lane route just ahead of Howells
in 1hr 44 mins and 1hr 48 mins respectively.


Edinburgh Marathon.

Tewkesbury runners Nigel Tillott and Mungo Park travelled up to the Scottish
capital for the 2008 Edinburgh Marathon. Both runners targeting the event as
their big race of the year and trained accordingly. Both runners crossed the
finishing line breaking their own personal best times. Tillott recorded a
rapid 3hrs 22 minutes, While Park, aiming the break 3.50hrs stopped the
cloak on 3hrs 37 mins. The windy conditions forced the runners to work hard
in places however, from 18 mile the wind assisted their performances.


Ironman Lanzarote

Jon Mansfield took Tewkesbury Athletics club into uncharted waters as he
made his Ironman debut. Without question, the toughest Ironman on the world
circuit with it's 3.8km Ocean swim, 180km bike course with over 2,500 meters
of climbing and finishing with a 42.2km run. With 42 nations represented and
250 British entrants, Mansfield faired relatively well until the marathon
where a old hip niggle came out of retirement and made running especially
tough. Nevertheless, non-completion was never an option and he ended an
eventful race in 11hrs 55 minutes.


Tewkesbury Triathlon.

The 2008 Tewkesbury Triathlon featured two members of Tewkesbury AC, Jon Mansfield and Stuart Dudfield. Dudfield was the centre of attention as he set-out to complete his first ever Tri. With a solid base of training in all three disciplines behind him he was certain to perform well. The novice finished a high 51st from a field of over 150; out-swimming, out-biking and out-running several good standard triathletes. His finishing time after the 400m swim, 24km cycle and 4km run was a surprisingly quick 1 hour 13 minutes.
Mansfield, having raced in over 100 triathlons knew what to expect, he added to Dudfield's fine performance with his own by placing 6th and receiving the veterans shield. Mansfield timed 1hr 14 seconds.

6th Jon Mansfield  6.54/38.46/14.34 = 1:00.14
51st Stuart Dudfield 8.40/47.59/16.31=1:13.09


White Horse 5K - No.1

Six Tewkesbury AC members raced the first 2008 White Horse 5K race and in better conditions experienced during the Tewkesbury Half Marathon, just a few days earlier. In a quality field that saw the first 10 finishers under 16 minutes, Stuart Dudfield had his best run since the London Marathon and in doing so, set a new personal best time of 18.41 minutes. Dudfield was followed home by Adrian Lavery a minute later and Rob Jordan who timed a little over 21 minutes.
Next to cross the finish line was Carol Cowley to claim the top V55. Cathy Dudfield, still feeling the effects of her recent marathon experience, had a uncomfortable run however, she still managed to add points to her 2008 County series challenge. The Tewkesbury contingent was completed as Phillip Howells finished. Howells also collecting good points in the County race series.
Stu Dudfield -18:41 (Pb)
Adrian Lavery -19:40
Rob Jordan - 21:13
Carol Cowley - 22:03 (1st V55)
Cathy Dudfield - 22:31
Phillip Howells - 23:21


Marlborough Downs Challenge

Three runners from Tewkesbury AC took part in the Marlborough Downs Challenge, a 33 mile run across paths and fields in Wiltshire. All three Tewkesbury runners finished successfully and in addition scooped some very rewarding prizes.
Finishing joint second in the women's race, Michelle Laws and Angie Sadler crossed the line hand in hand covering the distance in 5 hours 14 minutes. Joint 21st overall, Sadler claiming the top veteran ladies title.
Phillip Howells timed 5hr 52 to take 49th place but more significantly, he was the first V60 male.


Tewkesbury Half-Marathon - 11th May 2008

Once again Tewkesbury's leading running club was in the thick of the action at the annual Tewkesbury 1/2m.
Spread thoroughly throughout the bumper field of runners were Tewkesbury AC runners of all shapes and sizes. For the 2008 race, which featured a restyled start and finish, TAC fielded Eighteen athletes including five new members and four runners in the Five Mile Fun Run.
Performances were mixed for the club and the hot and sunny weather certainly played a part in that. Nonetheless, consistently performing well of late, whatever the weather, was Clive Baker. Baker, who's no stranger to running out with the race favorites, handled the conditions well to cross the line in an outstanding bronze medal position - just 150 seconds behind the race winner.
At the another end of the race for Tewkesbury, another outstanding achievement was in the making. Making her 1/2m debut was Helena Preston. One of the clubs' younger runners, Preston has come a long way since starting out with the club as a non-runner. Her determination was on full display over the 13+ mile course as she worked her way around in just over 2hrs 40 minutes.
Shortly after Baker claimed his 3rd place, there was a little déjà vu as Rob Knight chased Jon Mansfield over the finish line repeating their 2007 tussle in near similar timings.
Edinburgh Marathon bound Mungo Park and Nigel Tillott had good races. Tillott having the better of new member Park on this occasion. Tillott was gearing himself for his usual close race with Stuart Dudfield but Dudfields' contest was over after three miles and jogged the remainder with wife Cathy after they both had off-days with reasons circling the previous Wednesdays demanding Stroud Beer Race.
Dan Webb enjoyed the day. Normally favoring shorter distances he performed well on such a busy day. Longer distance expert Phillip Howells also had an enjoyable day. His run went pleasingly.
Defending V50 champion Carol Cowley is having a purple patch but today she had to really work hard to meet her high standards. Her finish time of 1hr 50mins placed her third in category.
Nick Matthews and Roy Northcott both recently new runners for TAC had mixed experiences but both happy to have finished and to find shelter from the sun, on this occasion it was Northcott who lead Matthews to the finish. Two commendable efforts.
Club Secretary Steve Wiggall finally established himself back on the endurance running scene after a long spell of injury woes. Wiggall was the first Tewkesbury runner to be spread out for a post-race massage!
Finish times were all a little slower than expected however, from the 1,222 that finished, the average time was 2:03hr therefore an above average performance in general from the Tewkesbury AC.

3rd Clive Baker 1hr 20mins 45secs
10th Jon Mansfield 1:23:19
12th Rob Knight 1:23:44
65th Nigel Tillott 1:32:32
78th Dan Webb 1:33:58
151st Mungo Park 1:39:44
311st Phillip Howells 1:47:03
364th Carol Cowley 1:50:19
481st Cathy Dudfield 1:55:03
482nd Stuart Dudfield 1:55:26
487th Steve Wiggall 1:56:11
726th Roy Northcott 2:04:48
733rd Nick Matthews 2:05:25
1,183rd Helena Preston 2:44:13

Tewkesbury Five Mile Fun Run

Experienced competitor Peter Foster was pleased to be beaten by both his son Harry and James Dudfield (son of Stuart & Cathy). Darrell Summers made a welcome return to racing. And Tewkesbury's newest members Richard Scantlebury and Jonathon Teague made respectable debuts for the club.

17th James Dudfield 36.55 (junior)
26th Harry Foster 38.11 (junior)
30th Peter Foster 38.56
57th Darrell Summers 42.08
72nd Richard Scantlebury 43.01
73rd Jonathon Teague 43.05


Stroud Beer Race.  Wednesday 7th May 2008

Four runners from Tewkesbury AC ran in Stroud's 7.2 mile beer run. With the event being part of the Gloucestershire road race series, the club's runners were out to boost their series points in their respective categories.
Stuart Dudfield finished first for Tewkesbury in 20th, a creditable placing within a field of some quality runners. Club Captain Cathy Dudfield compounded her strong position in the race series finishing 61st and 12th female. Creditable too as she was carrying an injury.
Vet 60 contender Phillip Howells was hot on Dudfield's heels as he crossed the line in 63rd. While defending V70 Champ Mike Ward rolled in as 78th finisher.

20th   Stuart  Dudfield 48.36 Mins
61st   Cathy Dudfield  57.23
63rd   Phil Howells  57.51
78th   Mike Ward  60.52

121 Finished.



It was the 25th anniversary of this event and making the 57 mile journey to the formula 1 circuit were husband and wife Rob and Sally Jordan.
The course, which starts on the grid, is two laps of the track with the finish in the pit lane. It may look flat and fast(in a car), but it is certainly undulating and near the end of each lap the twists and turns can catch some people out.
The evening was warm and well marshalled by the organising club and with chips wrapped around your ankle the times should be accurate.
Both runners completed the course successfully with Sally finishing with her customary sprint, gaining a few places as the clock crept towards 60 minutes, and was very pleased to have finished within the hour.

Rob Jordan  45.22

Sally Jordan 56.53


The Blaisdon 10k was once again on the racing calender, the first time since 1998.
Among the 28 runnersthat turned out on this overcast warm Bank Holiday were two members from the club, Rob Jordan and Mike Ward.
The course winds through the country lanes undulating towards Flaxley Abbey, before you reach the turning pointand then heads back the way you've come.
Running back towards Blaisdon was easier than going outwards, but beware the last section to the finishing line consists of two uphill stretches that really test the legs.
Both club runners won prizes for being first in their age category, and for Rob it was his first prize in 18 years of racing!!

20th  Rob Jordan 45.57

24th  Mike Ward  50.45      


The first of the Lloyds Bank TSB Fitness Four races took place on a glorious sunny thursday with three willing Tewkesbury members on the start line.
Making her debut in the event was triathlete Marianne Day who was joined by Rob Jordan and Mike Ward, along the country lanes on this in and out course.
At the half way point Rob had a lead over the debutant, and with Marianne's fitness fading he was able to increase the gap between them. Following the triathlete home was the ever youthful Mike, who having turned up for the race was not sure wether he would compete due to suffering from a bout of indigestion.

 Rob Jordan     28.20
 Marianne Day 30.57
 Mike Ward     31.32

The next race in this series is on June 5th, start time of 7.30


Shakespeare Marathon

Stratford-upon-Avon's annual Marathon was treated to a of cluster amazingly good performances from Tewkesbury AC runners.
Six runners toed the start line outside the RSC theatre with the sell-out 3,300 runners who were jointly starting the Half Marathon and Full Marathon.

Stealing the show for Tewkesbury was Angie Sadler. Sadler, no stranger to challenging courses, made her decisive move at the 20 mile mark where the course became a gravel footpath for the remainder. She pushed on as the two race favourites slowed over the energy sapping surface. Sadler crossed the finish line as 1st woman overall in a great time of 3 hours 12 minutes.
The main pre-race focus was on Bredon's Carol Cowley. Cowley was making her Marathon debut at a glorious age of 57! Cowley set herself a target of 4 hours and this was no easy target! However, to be sure she hit her mark, she overcame calf cramps which were triggered by holding her pace on the climbs. Her time of 3hr 58 mins gave her victory in the V55 age group. To put her time into perspective, her age-graded time is a little over 3 hours - and that's on a course regarded as 10 minutes slower than a flat road course at 4 hr pace!
Ultra-distance starlet Michelle Laws had a fabulous run as she recorded a new Pb of 3hr 26mins. Laws finished 6th female overall and 2nd V35.

The three Tewkesbury men had mixed results: First to finish for the club was Jon Mansfield. Training for his first Ironman Triathlon, which includes a Marathon, Mansfield had an astonishing run stripping 16 minutes from his Pb. Although, suffering from the last decent at 19 miles, he forced his legs along the daunting footpath before crashing over the finish line. He timed 3hr 03mins as his performance well excelled his expectations.
Adrian Lavery, a regular at the Shakespeare Marathon had a good day. He managed to improve on his 2007 time by 3 minutes by finishing in 3hr 21mins.
Having a 'not so good run', Phillip Howells. Just running the one Marathon this weekend, he ran into difficulties near the 10 mile marker. Never one to give up, he dug deep to ensure the full Tewkesbury six made the finish line.

Official Places & Times...
20th Jon Mansfield 3:03:58
50th Angie Sadler 3:12:55
77th Adrian Lavery 3:21:23
124th Michelle Laws 3:26:45
334th Carol Cowley 3:58:47
444th Phillip Howells 4:12:08


Rob Jordan - Over & Above the Call of Duty

Rob Jordan made good on his promise of getting a chest and back wax after Tewkesbury AC recorded a good marathon time at Cirencester Park a few weeks back.

Rob was joined by his wife Sal and a few Tewkesbury athletes as he made the trip to 'Aura of Beauty' in Cheltenham for his 09:00 a.m. appointment. By the time 10:00 a.m came around Rob was looking a little flustered and alot smoother.

Well Done Rob, the best effort this year.


Flora London Marathon - Sunday 13th April 2008

Six Tewkesbury runners went to London to star in the Marathon. On a day commended for it's ideal weather with cool temperature and little wind the stage was set for the Tewkesbury six to do their best.
First to finish for the club was experienced runner Clive Baker. He smashed his 3 hour target time with a swift 2hr 52 minutes. The club's top lady finisher finished next, Amanda Martin who only days before was having emergency physiotherapy on her Semimembranosus (those two strands behind the knee) and wisely made the decision to run on the Thursday before the weekend. She timed a respectable 3hrs 26 mins.
First timer Stuart Dudfield recorded a great time for his first 26.2 miler. He crossed the line in 3hr 34 mins. Club Captain Cathy Dudfield finished in under 3.45hr to secure a 'Good for age' place in 2009. She ran well to time 3hr 42 mins. Ian Baker and Roy Northcott both recent new members to the club made it through the streets of London in fine times of 3hr 37 and 3hr 56 minutes respectively.
Last but in no way least, it was Phillip Howells who finished in 4hr 14 mins - this was after running the tough Exmoor Marathon the day before!

Cathy & Stu Before and after shots.


Exmoor Marathon - Saturday 12th April 2008

This years Exmoor marathon was part of the Coastal Challenge series and the fantastic coastal pathway course was just too tempting for Tewkesbury AC's Phillip Howells, Michelle Laws and Angie Sadler. The course length was nearer 29 miles rather than the traditional 26.2 marathon distance. To compound the challenging off-road terrain, the runners climbed a total of 6,000 ft over the 28.6 miles.
Making her long awaited come-back to distance racing was Angie Sadler. Farmers wife Sadler, ran strongly together with Michelle Laws until the 23rd mile where she increased her effort level to pull away from Laws to cross the finish line as 10th overall finisher and 4th female, winning the veteran category in the process. Laws ran in as 5th place female and 13th overall some eight minutes later in 5hrs 16 minutes.
Vet 60 runner Phillip Howells started the event leading his category in the race series and he needed a decent performance to finally win the series. In addition to the task in hand, Howells had to manage his exertions carefully as the following day he would travel to London to compete in the Flora London Marathon. Howells crossed the Exmoor finish in under six hours to win the V60 category and more significantly, with life left in his legs!

Angie Sadler 5.08.27  --- 10th overall  --- 4th lady & 1st V45
Michelle Laws 5.16.11 ---- 13th overall  -- 5th lady
Phillip Howells 5.56.27 --- 32nd overall -- 1st V60


Chedworth Roman Trail

In arguably Gloucestershire's most picturesque running event, five athletes from Tewkesbury AC toed the snow covered start line. High up in the Cotswolds, the Chedworth area was covered in a blanket of delightful snow during the preceding night. The sun shined through and warmed the air to make running conditions more acceptable for the month of April.
The Tewkesbury entrants all ran well with Rob Jordan and Steve Wiggle testing themselves the most over both the 10 mile distance and the off-road terrain. Rob Knight followed Jon Mansfield's foot steps through the snow and mud until the last two miles where a particularly testing climb up through the woods left Knight breathless.
Stuart Buchan's impressive run along to the finishing straight demonstrated he had plenty in reserve as he showed no signs of lassitude - unlike the other four!

  • Jon Mansfield - 1hr 07mins
  • Rob Knight - 1.08
  • Stuart Buchan - 1.18
  • Rob Jordan - 1.25
  • Steve Wiggall - 1.33


Michelle Laws ran to victory in this years Bude Easter 5km. Out-running a quality female field, the popular 'Pocket Rocket' made the most of her holiday stay in Cornwall.
(photo attached)

Jon Mansfield came 3rd in the May Hill MTB Duathlon. Running 6km up and down the hill before a 14km mountain bike ride through the Huntley woods and finishing with an identical 6km run. Crossing the finish line in 1hr 35mins and caked in mud!



A team of ten willing runners from the club took part in this marathon relay, held in Cirencester Park, on what turned out to be a dry sunny afternoon.
The course consisted of a two lap circuit around a polo pitch and as an added incentive I agreed to have some hair removed. How much depended what time the team completed the 10 laps in.
Barry ran the first leg, lining up against 18 other teams at the start which included an ‘Elvis’ look-alike, and a lad in a pink tutu. Much to Barry’s relief he finished ahead of  ‘Elvis’, but behind the tutu wearing team, who went onto win the event.
Barry then handed over to Steve, who looked a bit worn out as he passed the mantle over to Nick, who was wearing a tight fitting club vest and must have been glad to remove it at the end of his two laps. Angie then took over looking very effortless as she completed her laps and recorded a time to test the youthful Mr Webb. Dressed as though it was mid-winter, or has Jonny M been giving him fashion tips, Dan completed his laps to find out that Angie was still quicker, and hand over to his wife.
Nikki having forgot to start her watch at the hand over point finished the two lap circuit in the club’s fastest time. It’s a shame the official time recorded for her did not agree with her, which brought a sigh of relief to both Dan and Angie.
Taking over from Nikki was our own flying runner Adrian who also made light work of the two laps, making it look like a stroll in the park, and before we knew it the eighth runner was off, in the shape of Sally, who despite her usual sprint finish was disappointed with her time.
Carol our senior member of the team ran the ninth leg and then came my turn, the 10th and final leg. Unfortunately I was overtaken on the 2nd lap to bring the team home in a respectable third place, and just over a  minute behind Dan’s time.

Barry  O’Driscoll  15.23
Steve  Wiggall       16.17
Nick   Matthews    16.51
Angie  Sadler         14.51
Danny Webb          14.59
Nikki  Webb           20.37
Adrian Lavery        15.22
Sally   Jordan          20.33
Carol  Cowley        16.59
Rob    Jordan           16.00

Team time of 2hours 47.52( only 35 seconds behind second place)

P.S. For those of you interested I’m due for a chest and back wax. I hope it will not hurt!!
Anybody who wants to see a man cry and put some money towards the Cobalt Appeal can come along , date and time to be advised, and enjoy my hair removal experience.
I just hope it’s going to be a warm summer.


Easter 10Km

Tewkesbury AC scooped the team prize at the Easter 10km race in Gloucester. On a day subjected to high winds with gusts of 45mph, many runners opted to stay indoors. Not for the Tewkesbury athletes though; with the lure of the event being in the Clubs race series, runners were out to collect points to add to their 2008 collection.
As well as winning the team prize on the day, there were celebrated category wins for Carol Cowley, Mike Ward, Cathy Dudfield and Nigel Tillott.
The race itself was tough work, the wind, of course, having a detrimental factor on the overall times so, the focus was on how the athletes faired against one and other. This produced one outstanding contest between Carol Cowley and, 21 years her junior, Cathy Dudfield. Both ladies in the thick of their Marathon training for Stratford and London respectively. With Dudfield eager to avenge her beating from Cowley last month, the two ran together until the final 200 meters. The awaiting crowds screamed with excitement and Dudfield responded with a powerful surge to take her revenge.
Phillip Howells and Steve Wiggall both fought hard with the wind while Mick Morris, Jon Mansfield and Danny Webb ran respectively pleasing good times.

Jon Mansfield 37.09 mins
Nigel Tillott 40.28
Dan Webb 41.28
Cathy Dudfield 44.45
Carol Cowley 44.46
Phillip Howells 47.35
Steve Wiggall 48.46
Mike Ward 50.32
Mick Morris 52.13


Bath Half Marathon, Sunday 16th march

Tewkesbury AC's Amanda Martin had rotten luck at the Bath 1/2 Marathon.
The talented runner was one of over 10,000 runners who were forced to stand in the cold and wet while the start was delayed for one hour. The severe weather had damaged most of the organizers equipment and critically, the First Aid facilities.
Martin was so cold as the starting pistol went bang, it took five miles of running until she could fully feel her feet. Her time of 1 hour 37 minutes was relatively decent but some way from her target.

Rob Jordan was the only runner for Tewkesbury AC to race in the GROCERY FOUR mile event hosted by Severn AC. He ran very well to time 28 minutes.


Forest Of Dean Half Marathon, Sunday 16th March

Half a dozen brave souls managed to drag themselves out of bed of the Forest of Dean Half Marathon on Sunday (Rob Jordan wasn't one of them)!!!, the rain the night before continued on until the start of the race which was delayed by 15 minutes because of parking problems. Rob Knight put in his usual sterling effort and finished in 1:24:44 which gave him 34th overall and therefore was rewarded by a nice T-Shirt. Nigel Tillott came in next with a respectable 1:31:48; following was Dan Webb who completed the course in 1:34:05 to continue his Stockholm Marathon Training. Stuart Buchan who is used to this terrain after winning the forest trails series earlier in the year, finished 4th for Tewkesbury in 1:37:48. Carol Cowley was the first Lady home for the club (in fact the only Lady) with a good time of 1:45:13, again this puts Carol in good form for her Marathon attempt in Stratford. Philip Howells fiished the line up for Tewkesbury with a steady 1:49:21, not bad for the ultra distance man.

  • 34th Rob Knight 1:24:44
  • 107th Nigel Tillott 1:31:48
  • 138th Dan Webb 1:34:05
  • 206th Stuart Buchan 1:37:28
  • 395th Carol Cowley 1:45:13
  • 511th Phillip Howells 1:49:12

1346 Ran (finished)


San Domenico 20 mile

Phillip Howells reports.....

I ran the road race at Merthyr Tydfil on Sunday. Never run it before, could not do the Gloucester 20 so tried this instead and can certainly recommend it. Quite a small field, less than 200 starters, from a great HQ of the local college with all facilities including showers. The course is almost all off roads so totally traffic free apart from a few road crossings which were well marshalled, but it is still 90% on smooth tarmac surface (and the rest is firm footing) up and down paths alongside the River Taff (upstream for the second half!).
Very scenic in parts and with several good hills, certainly varied and interesting terrain. Very well organised, with several drinks points and a finish literally 5 yards from the event HQ entrance - straight in to the warmth to receive a goody bag with long sleeved T-shirt and a cup of well earned tea!

My time? Pretty modest - 2-51-15 - but went for the training and maintained a very steady, same pace from start to finish - first mile in 8.26, overall finishing time - 8.33 pace, including those hills! Not a bad pace effort eh?
Had the satisfaction of passing lots of runners from a position in the last 20 after one mile to finish 92 from 168 finishers and 6th in the O55 category. All in all, a great fitness test and excellent training on a lovely, if very windy day and only a bit of rain towards the end!


Tewkesbury AC Quiz Night, Sunday 9th March

Cathy D reports on another successful social.........
I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who came along to the quiz night, I think we can all agree it was a successful evening. Thanks must go to Bobby for setting the questions and Rob Knight for the wonderful food....again! Well done to the winning team of Stu B, Jayne, Barry & Tracy.
Thankyou to all those who donated prizes for the raffle and everyone who bought tickets. We made £54 of which the committee have very kindly agreed to donate to LINC, the wonderful charity that me & Stu are raising money for when we run the London Marathon. We are very grateful for this so thank you all again.


The Gloucester 20

March 2nd saw the staging of the annual 20 mile run around the Severn estuary villages near Gloucester. Eight runners from Tewkesbury joined the 540 starters. With some using the event as key marathon training and some just hoping to gain better fitness.
Outstanding was Stuart Dudfield who, was first in for Tewkesbury AC.
Training specifically for the London marathon, Dudfield covered the distance in 2hrs 23 minutes. He was followed by Edinburgh marathon bound Nigel Tillott just seconds behind. The third outstanding performance was by Mike Ward. Finishing 2nd in the V70+ category and having raced only the day before he clocked just under 3hrs and place within the first 400 finishers.
Sandwiched between the star men and safely over the line finished Adrian Lavery, Sue Bond, Jon Mansfield and Cathy Dudfield. Barry O'Driscoll pulled-out after 10 miles after experiencing pain in his Vatus Medial muscle.


Gloucestershire Road Race Relays, White Horse, Sandhurst - 1st March

Tewkesbury AC were out in force for the 2008 Gloucestershire Road Race Relays. The counties smallest club put together six teams - the most from one club on the day! Tewkesbury's two ladies and four men's teams all raced a distance a little over 5km individually, starting and finishing in Sandhurst, just north of Gloucester.
Even with Tewkesbury missing several of their high calibre runners, the teams performed beyond expectations with the Veteran Ladies team wining the silver medal. The Men's Veteran 40 and Veteran 50 teams each winning bronze medals. And the biggest shock was the Men's Senior A team taking the silver medal position after out-running both favourites Severn AC and Tewks Triathlon Club's teams. And if it wasn't for one of the TAC runners being stopped in his tracks by a felled tree, a Tewkesbury AC gold could have been a reality.

Individual performances of note would, of course, been Bradley Crouch's.
The off-road 'Hash' runner was making a rare start on a road surface.
Ironically, after two miles of good running he was challenged by a recently felled tree. Blocking the course completely, he stood patiently until the local farmer sawed through a section. The forced-stop cost Crouch one minute and the club's quickest run. That honour went to Jon Mansfield who, after brushing the sawdust from his trainers ran his quickest 5km for 18 months. Short distance specialists Clive Sentence, Rob Jordan and Dan Webb ran superbly while ultra-distance 'pocket-rocket' Michelle Laws ran the fastest in the V35 category. Angie Sadler made a premature return to racing and still set the pace in the V45 category.
Nick Matthews and Sally Jordan raised eye-brows with great times. It was wonderful to see Bev Thomas, Steve Wiggall and, almost missing the start, Roger Bennett involved in the action. Stuart Buchan justified his selection in the Men's A team with a fine run. Both Ian's, Hughes and Bond also ran finely, with the later of the two from the talented Sadler stable, just piping his sibling Angie with a composed effort.
The over 50's team of Neville Simpson, Mick Morris and 72yr old Michael Ward proved a great combination as the three all excelled.
Club vice-captain Barry O'Driscoll was running the show for Tewkesbury.
Pulling the teams together and also running a strong leg in the Men's B team.

Senior Ladies
Sally Jordan 25.56 minutes
Debbie Lee 22.19 (guest)
Debra Southgate 23.11 (guest)

Veteran Ladies.
Beverly Thomas 30.18
Angie Sadler 20.13
Michelle Laws 21.05

Senior Men A team.
Stuart Buchan 20.05
Bradley Crouch 18.51
Dan Webb 19.35
Jon Mansfield 18.04

Senior Men B team.
Ian Barr 19.49
Ian Hughes 20.37
Nick Matthews 23.34
Barry O'Driscoll 20.40

Veteran 40+
Clive Sentence 18.50
Rob Jordan 21.35
Steve Wiggall 22.34
Roger Bennett 20.41

Veteran 50+
Neville Simpson 22.42
Mick Morris 24.46
Mike Ward 24.54


Bourton-on-the-Water 10km

Sunday 24th February marked an historic moment for the majority of Tewkesbury AC's racers. Bourton's 2008 10km road race had the allurement needed to bring the best from several runners who were fortunate enough to scoop an entry. The race, as always, was sold out with the full 570 places taken. Eleven runners from Tewkesbury started and seemingly, in no time at all, they crossed the finish line.
Exceptional performances were plentiful and topping the list was Nigel Tillott. The 45 year old has tried and failed to smash the 40 minute mark for a long time and in doing so just missed out by seconds on numerous occasions. However, Tillott confident in the knowledge that the Bourton course is 'quick', left the start line like a cannonball and didn't lose momentum. He smashed the 40 minute mark to smithereens and crossed the finish line delirious. Team mate Stuart Dudfield raced well to catch Tillott and he too, recorded a new personal best (pb) for the 10km distance. Dudfield's time was equally impressive as he went sub 39 minutes.
The pb's continued to be set with Stuart Buchan, fresh from winning the Forest Trail race the weekend before, also breaking the 40 minute mark. And Dan Webb broke another pb hot on Buchan's heels also with a sub 40 minute. Barry O'Driscoll has been testing his form with a series of hard runs of late and today went accordingly only to tire from midway and clock a time just outside his best.
There were outstanding times for the ladies too with Carol Cowley marking her 58th year with a pb. She just missed out on winning her age category but did just manage to hold off the challenge from Cathy Dudfield who, despite feeling adamant that she had a bad race, stripped a minute from her own pb time! - watch this space for when she has a good race! Rob Jordan, who's been enjoying some good runs of late, paced himself well with Cowley and Dudfield only to slip back over the final meters, nevertheless, he ran very well.
Mike Ward hit fine form at exactly the right time and excelled in the V70 race to claim the first place with an astoundingly quick time under 48 minutes, especially for a 72 year old! 
Fresh looking and new to the veteran categories, Amanda Martin and Jon Mansfield came in as top girl and top man for the club in times far from their best but were soon to be euphoric watching the team finish (hot on their heels!).

  • 62 Jon Mansfield 36.42
  • 92 Stuart Dudfield 38.24
  • 96 Nigel Tillott 38.31
  • 129 Stuart Buchan 39.47
  • 135 Daniel Webb 39.53
  • 157 Barry O'Driscoll 40.54
  • 216 Amanda Martin 43.08
  • 232 Carol Cowley 43.26
  • 239 Cathy Dudfield 43.37
  • 246 Robert Jordan 44.00
  • 328 Michael Ward 47.56


South Devon Coastal Marathon, Phillip Howells Reports............

I was doing the South Devon Coastal marathon myself, while down in Cornwall with Edward putting the finishing touches to our 3rd book 'Ed & Phil's Fit Food', taking time out on Saturday to run the marathon (we are launching the book in London this coming weekend, which is why I cannot do the relays with the club unfortunately). It’s a pretty tough event, off road along coastal paths, steep Devon lanes and lots of tracks and trails, but stunning scenery and challenging terrain based on the South Hams area of S Devon. My third running of it and finished this year in 4-58-09 and 47th of 94 finishers. I was first over 60 again (won the same age group award in the Pembrokeshire coastal in November, when I did 4-41). Pleased with the run since Devon is tougher.

I have an even tougher decision to take now! The problem is that the 5th and final event in the Coastal marathon series is over Exmoor and on the day before London; I also have a London place! I want to do a 3rd Coastal series event because there is a series prize if you do 3 or more, to see if I can secure the 60+ age group award having won the O60 prize in 2 of the races already? Well I have decided to try and do both if possible! It will be my last weekend as a 60 year old; I did the Tresco marathon 2 days after reaching 60 in 2007 and had entered London in 2008 to finish off my 60th year. It worked out great that although Tresco and London events are on the same date, they are a week earlier in 2008 so I can do both in my 60th year.
I had not realised the Exmoor clashed until recently though. So I reckoned that doing both Exmoor and London on the same weekend would certainly be a good way to go into the 61st year with a bang? A bit of a challenge as well given the toughness of Exmoor, reputed to be the most demanding, steep terrain of all the events!

So no idea how I am going to work out the logistics yet, but intend to try and get to both to try and capture that series 60+ crown. Not that this is a big thing really; I have been the only 60+ in both events - perhaps a testiment to how tough they are, I don't know - but it would still be a personally satisfying thing to do if I could manage it? I'll let you know!


Forest of Dean Trail Series - Race 3 (17/02/08)

Stuart Buchan stole the show for Tewkesbury AC as the star-man ran away from his chasing competitors during closing stages to claim a fine win in the 5km race. Buchan's victory is the first for Tewkesbury this season and more significantly, his first race win ever. The former swimmer made the switch to running several years ago and has seen a constant improvement with his foot work since joining the Tewkesbury based club. The trophy winning runners' wife Jayne, ran the race too and admitted afterwards that the course was far from easy-going, to add further praise to her No1 husband.

1st Stuart Buchan 21 minutes
25th Jayne Buchan 41 mins

The longer distance, 15.4km event was tackled by three athletes from Tewkesbury AC. Of the three, who are all London Marathon bound, it was Barry O'Driscoll who lead the club home. O'Driscoll on completing three straight days of intense runs, managed an awesome run. His performance was just seconds away from his personal best over the familiar course. Cathy and Stuart Dudfield continued their healthy marathon training with Cathy having a especially good day, where as Stuart, was made to work harder as he recovers from a hampering virus.

33rd Barry O'Driscoll 1hr 07:39
39th Stuart Dudfield 1:10
40th Cathy Dudfield 1:10


Severn AC Winter 5 mile (16/02/08)

There was a High quality field participating in the 'Winter 5 mile' race at Sandhurst on Saturday afternoon. With the splendid sunshine and ideal conditions it was a straight forward task for local Team Great Britain runners Dan Robinson and Wendy Nicholls to set new course records. The Tewkesbury AC interest was inform Barry O'Driscoll and distance training partner Sue Bruce. Bruce slowly easing her way back to fitness, had a pleasing run in around 33 minutes. O'Driscoll on the other hand, is enjoying a purple patch of late; on the back of the previous evenings speed and technique session, he donned his racing shoes again to tear through the country lane circuit in a time just outside his personal best in 34 minutes.


Dursley Dozen

Phillip Howells reports after another tough day in the office...

I was the lone Tewkesbury representative at the tough Dursley Dozen off-road race today; absolutely gorgeous day of course and I was happy with my run. Ran strong and steady to finish 216 of 403 in 1-52-07 and 3rd VO60, so quite happy with a good training run! Has to rank up there with as one of the toughest local events. At 10 miles the route goes up a hill called 'the precipice' which is so steep they have ropes for 'runners' to pull themselves up with! It was the 20th anniversary event this year. Lots of locals of course, including Angels and Almost Athletes teams.


Cotswold Relay Warm Up

In preperation for the Cotswold relay, Tewkesbury AC members Rob Jordan, Carol Crowley and Dan Webb took to the hills on Sunday for a little jog in the country.

After a 'Baptism of Fire' (Rob's Words) climbing out of Chipping Campden we were treated to glorious views from Broadway Tower, a quick sprint down into Broadway itself quickly followed by a steep walk/run back up again before decending into Stanton (slight off course detour) and then past Stanway house to the finish.

12 Miles in total, and my legs are a little worse for wear today.

Anyone up for the next stage soon?


Linda Franks Race.

Cheltenham was the venue for Tewkesbury AC's third Club Championship event. The Linda Franks 4.2m is a splendid race and the Tewkesbury runners have enjoyed some fine times there in previous years, including winning both men's and women's races. The 2008 edition was a cold and windy affair. It was the strong wild that had an impact on the runners however, the cold weather was overruled by some hot running right from the 11am start.

Standing out performances from Carol Cowley (3rd place female), Rob Jordan and Dan Webb who both performed over the previous two days, Mike Ward, Helena Preston and Sally Jordan. Jordan (Sally) keeping up the family tradition of jaw-dropping sprint finishes by sending one spectator and a tortoiseshell cat diving for cover!

At the head of the race, in-form husband and wife, Stuart and Cathy Dudfield were both in contention for individual titles. Stuart stripped two minutes off his course personal best (pb) to run home in 4th while Cathy was struck with a mid-race niggle, for the second time in three years, over the two-lap Reddings course to curtail her challenge.

Jon Mansfield was overall runner-up and Rob Knight followed in third. Nigel Tillott, Stuart Buchan and Steve Wiggle compounded a strong Tewkesbury display who all indulged in post race festivities in the company of host club Almost Athletes.

Results as Follows:

  • 2nd Jon Mansfield 25:10
  • 3rd Rob Knight 25:39
  • 4th Stuart Dudfield 25:45
  • 9th Nigel Tillot 26:32
  • 14th Stuart Buchan 28:11
  • 15th Daniel Webb 28:32
  • 21st Rob Jordan 30:24
  • 23rd Carol Crowley 31:19
  • 24th Steve Wiggall 31:52
  • 25th Cathy Dudfield 31:53
  • 30th Mike Ward 35:00
  • 42nd Sally Jordan 37:09
  • 47th Helena Preston 41:17



The last race of the Gloucestershire Cross Country league took place on a very muddy Plock Court with both mens and ladies teams being represented.
Showing the men how to run through the mud were ultra distance specialist Michelle Laws, Carol Cowley and debutante Sally Jordan.
Over the two lap course Carol lead the trio during the early part of the race with Michelle hot on her heels. It stayed that way for much of the run until Michelle’s strength enabled her to pass her club colleague on the last part of the second lap, to cross the line with only a second separating them.
Meanwhile Sally enjoyed her debut as she steadily got around the course and even had enough energy left to put in a sprint finish which enabled her to gain a further place up the finishing order.
The men had three laps to contend with and they soon settled in to what became the finishing order for the club.
Australian Brad Crouch led the team and despite complaining about cross country throughout the season I do think he enjoyed himself.
Chris McMahon remembered to count three laps this time and was the second member of the team to cross the line.
The two Ian’s, Baker and Hughes, had the closest of runs as they jostled for position before Baker managed to breakaway and finish 26 seconds in front of Hughes.
Even though Danny Webb kept encouraging Rob Jordan on as they were either side of the brook, he maintained the gap over the cross country captain to have a comfortable 34 second advantage as he finshed.
Bringing up the rear for TAC was Phil Howells who was cheered all the way to the line by his club colleagues.


27. Michelle Laws  27.57
29. Carol Cowley    27.58
57. Sally Jordan      34.31

52.  Brad Crouch   36.58
83.  Chris McMahon   40.03
89.  Ian Baker              40.53
93.  Ian Hughes            41.19
97.  Dan Webb            42.27
99.  Rob Jordan           43.01
116.Phil Howells         47.06



Having stepped in to the role of XC captain after the previous one left the club I was not sure what to expect, especially as in the past cross country had not bee supported that well.
It was a disappointment not to field a ladies team in all the events but these things happen, and over the season we did have 7 different ladies put on their XC shoes.
The men however were represented by 17 different club members throughout all the events and some of them even bought new shoes to tackle the courses and I hope in readiness for the new season.
Now that the XC season is over I now intend to put on my track hat, and will be asking for volunteers to form a squad to have fun at track meetings. So if this appeals to you, don’t be shy let me know you are interested.
I would like to finish by thanking all those that have represented TAC in the XC races we attended, and you are: Clive Baker, Ian Baker, Carol Cowley, Bradley Crouch, Cathy Dudfield, Stuart Dudfield, Phil Howells, Ian Hughes, Sally Jordan, Rob Knight, Adrian Lavery, Michelle Laws, Jon Mansfield, Nick Matthews, Chris McMahon, Charlotte Mowbray, Barry O’Driscoll, Anne Robinson, Angie Sadler, Clive Sentence, Neville Simpson, Nigel Tillott and Danny Webb.

Rob Jordan.


Gloucester Marathon and 50km race.

Tewkesbury's longer distance athletes were testing themselves against some of Britain's best in Gloucester's inaugural ultra-distance festival.
It was the longer of the two races that the Tewkesbury contingent featured.
Michelle Laws displayed her star quality with a fabulous performance. As well as completing the four lap country lane course in fine time she claimed the women's runners-up spot.
Looking to match Laws' performance was Adrian Lavery. Lavery, also an out and out distance specialist, ran well and came in just ahead of his team mate.
Phillip Howells was the third club runner to cross the finish line. He recorded a respectable time as he heads towards the London marathon.
Sue Bruce managed 24 miles of the course before making the wise decision stop and allow more recovery time as she continues to regain full fitness after a long injury spell.
All four received running support from Angie Sadler and Barry O'Driscoll as they trained while others raced.

18th Adrian Lavery 4hrs 24 minutes

19th Michelle Laws 4hr 25 mins (2nd female)

39th Phillip Howells 5hr 14 mins (3rd V60).


May Hill Massacre

Two of Tewkesbury AC's more tenacious athletes eagerly opted to take on the tough 'May Hill Massacre' just north of the Forest of Dean. Its a nine mile cross-country race which climbs up May Hill before heading back down. Over 400 runners started the race this year on a day which offered more mud than normal due to the recent weather. Of course, running for Tewkesbury was Bradley Crouch who had been excited about this event for many weeks prior. Crouch had tough Phillip Howells for company. Both excelled in the strength sapping conditions with Crouch taking one hour, ten minutes to complete the course and Howells, now a sixty year old veteran, finishing 15 minutes later

36th Bradley Crouch 1hr 09 mins
196th Phillip Howells 1hr 25 mins


Not the Roman IX

Stratford-upon-Avon was the venue for the eternally popular "Not the Roman IX" race. A 12 kilometre road race taking in some of Stratford's surrounding villages. Tewkesbury AC fielded six runners and within those six were some truly outstanding performances and sterling efforts. The pick of the bunch and fastest Tewkesbury runner was in-form Stuart Dudfield. He ran so well that he surpassed his 10km personal best time at the 10km mark.
So too did Nigel Tillott; he dipped under the 40 minute mark for the first time ever. Both Dudfield and Tillott compounded their fantastic performances by beating club mate Jon Mansfield for the first time on record. Frailing Mansfield put in his best efforts but was comprehensively outran. Cathy Dudfield joined the party by flying through the 10km mark in PB time. She went on to narrowly miss out on silverware. Rob Jordan was in a race within the race with Carol Cowley. It wasn't to be for Cowley as cross-country specialist Jordan held on for a 10 second advantage. With three super performances and three super efforts, all were treated to a Pasta and Flapjack dinner prepared earlier by the Captain.

14th Stuart Dudfield 47.21 (8th OM)
21st Nigel Tillott  47.57 (2nd V45)
25th Jon Mansfield 48.23 (5th V40)
107th Cathy Dudfield 53.55 (3rd V35)
156th Robert Jordan 56.31 (25th V40)
161st Carol Cowley 56.42 ( 2nd V55)

Breaking News......... Due to an administrative error, I am informed that our Captain actually won the V35 category. Congratulations Cathy.


Forest Trail Series

Four Tewkesbury runners turned out in the freezing Forest of Dean temperatures to take part in the second of the Forest Trail races series.  Top legs on the day belonged to Bradley Crouch who's also been running well over the last six mouths. Crouch was first to finish for the Tewkesbury club over the longer 15.4k race. Barry O'Driscoll had an overdue successful race as he builds his London Marathon training. Taking it steady were Stuart and Cathy Dudfield also targeting the capital city race in April. In the shorter 5.4km race, ran Stuart Buchan.



Brad Crouch 8th - 1hr 01mins 04secs
Barry O'Driscoll 29th - 1:08:55
Stuart Dudfield 35th -1:11:30
Cathy Dudfield 36th - 1:11:30 (7th female)


Stuart Buchan 4th - 22.28 mins


Gloucester 10m

Gloucester AC's New Year 10 mile event is always a popular event and five runners from Tewkesbury AC raced. With the 2007 champion Angie Sadler taking a racing hiatus, it was super seventy year old Mike Ward who collected Tewkesbury's first 2008 trophy. Ward ran a tactful race in which he produced a sprinting finish to ensure victory in the V70 category. First to finish for the club was Nigel Tillott. He avoided the many patches of black ice to record a finishing time just over an hour. Sue Bruce eased her way through the Severn estuary villages to finish inside the top ten women. Carol Cowley enjoyed her first longer distance race after finally shaking off a virus and Phillip Howells timed well in the V60 category although not one of his better days.

43rd Nigel Tillott 1.07 hr
66th Susan Bruce 1.09
148th Carol Cowley 1.16
168th Phillip Howells 1.18
216th Mike Ward 1.23


The First Posting of 2008

New Years Day 5.

Beverly Thomas took part in Severn AC's five mile race on new years day. Starting from the Pilot Inn near Hardwicke, the Tewkesbury runner was pleased with her morning's effort after completing the course in just over 50 minutes.

And Barry O'Driscoll ran around in just under 36 minutes...